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Listing created by maniakidd on November 29, 2012    

Real name is Jamal Ubaidillah bin Haji Ali, and was born on 7 May 1959. He is a Malaysian pop singer and actor and is known for portraying a "bad boy" image. 


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The first Jamal Abdillah song I ever heard was Azura, from the movie of the same name. Jamal has a manner of delivery that conveyed sincere emotions into the song. Listen to Azura, and you can feel the pain that he was conveying. Another song that I enjoy very much is his duet with M Nasir, Ghazal Untuk Rabiah.

When 2 legends meet on the same song, it's a mind blowing affair.

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Looks like my cousin

One of the few Malaysian artists I can never forget is Jamal Abdillah. Not because of his voice, his songs or other stories surrounding him but rather the fact the fact that he looks just like my cousin. I might just post a blog about that later to prove it. Anyway, as far as I know, his singing talent is known throughout Malaysia.

An award-winning pop singer, I like one of his songs, the title of it being 'sandarkan pada kenangan' featuring Siti Sarah. Something about it is so catchy. But that's probably because I had to listen to his music on the radio often.

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Beauty in Melody

Jamal is one of the first singers I had listened to in my life. I remember as a small child my dad would play his songs in the car or in the home stereo. My young ears hadn't developed to understand the meanings behind the words yet but the tune and melody was soft and beautiful enough for my young heart to enjoy. Listening to his songs now brings back a flood of memories and even brings a tear to my eye.

He is one of Malaysia's most talented musicians and I will constantly be a fan of his for a very long time to come. As I write about him now, I can almost hear the soft melody of "Di Sudut Kamar Hati Ku" playing in my mind.

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