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He is a Malaysian Chinese singer and composer who has made his name in Taiwan. He is well-known as "the Prince of love songs". He was born on 30 August, 1970. He formed a duo group with Victor Wong in 1995.


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Fairy tale

Whenever we were singing karaok, my daughter would want to sing the song "童话". The MTV told a very touching story and this song's lyrics was also very touching. I guessed this song made him popular and after this song, it was very difficult for him to have another song of similar success.

When he was with 品冠, they also had a successful song "掌心" that people remembered them by. But after that song, they did not have much success and that was why they went their own separate way. 光良 was more lucky, at least he had this song "童话" but 品冠 did not seem to have such luck to have a memorable song.

If he keeps on trying, may be he will be able to produce another fairy tale and have another success.

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(Updated: March 19, 2013)

The prince of love songs

My first experience with Michael Wong all began when I first heard his song 'Tong Hua' a few years ago. Well, to simply put it, the lyrics were perfect and I found this song to be quite sweet, something that might come in handy when you're trying to woo someone. To top it all up, the music video was also very heart warming. I guess that he really deserves the name "The Prince of Love Songs".

Besides Tong Hua, all his other songs are also quite sweet. Unlike most Malaysian artist which displays unnecessary heart breaks through the song, I think Michael's songs have a pretty symbolic "true love conquers all" story behind all of it.

Besides his songs, a singer is nothing without his voice. Well, if there's any word to describe it, I think the perfect one would be angelic. I think it suits most of his songs very well and it has a classic vibe to it. Like what one would find in singers from past generations.

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