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Listing created by Iswariya on October 15, 2012    

Fish Leong is a Malaysian singer who has made her name in the Mandarin Pop scene and is successful is Taiwan and China. She is famous for her love ballads and crooning vocals. 


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Typical Chinese singer

I don't like her songs. They are extremely catchy and easy to accept (as with most mainstream songs), but her songs become really annoying because they get stuck into your head easily. As with many Chinese singers especially females, her voice is not outstanding at all, I couldn't differentiate her voice from the tons of Chinese female singers who sound the same.

I don't think that she is a very good role model to young girls. I say this because I read an article about an interview with her before. She mentioned that she is currently dieting and her waist size is now 26 inches, but she thinks she is not thin enough and wants to reduce it to 23 inches.

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