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Siti Nurhaliza is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, presenter and businesswoman. She rose to fame as a multiple-platinum selling artist and ever since her debut in winning of Bintang HMI 1995 when she was only 16, Siti has captured the hearts of many fans all over Malaysia and in other countries as well.


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I loved her circa the Cindai Era

I think that the Malay music industry goes through its phases as music evolves. Now it has been stuck in the hip-hop/ R&B mode for a tad too long. Once upon a time, the traditional Malay sound was all the rage and no one made a bigger impression than Siti.

With a distinctively sweet voice and characteristic inflections, she was the darling of many boys back then (me included). I think she was born for traditional Malay music.

I didn't quite like what I hear when she ventured into R&B tinged pop. I just feel that it doesn't suit her. Of course it is just a personal opinion but she definitely has not produced anything groundbreaking the likes of her debut album which took the region by storm.

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My Childhood Crush

Siti Nurhaliza, the singer whom I admired as a child. A beautiful lady with a beautiful voice, it's not hard to fall head over heels for her. Even until today, her beauty still radiates across Malaysia. Besides her singing talents, her speaking voice is pleasant to hear. The kind that would make a great mother.

I know I'm not the only who feels the same way. But that is all in the past. I am not really a hardcore fan of anything anyway. Although the marriage with Datuk K seemed a bit weird for me but if she seems happy so I have no objections there. I may not be a fan of Malaysian artists but I am a fan of Siti Nurhaliza, that's for sure.

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A Beautiful Siren

As a young teen of 14 years old, I feel head over heels in love with Siti the moment I saw her cute and smiling face on tv ads. Almost immediately, I developed an addiction to seeing her smile and talk and to hear her melodious voice. After overcoming the initial fanboy-ism, I sat down and properly listened to her songs.

I felt that even though she has a nice voice, her personality as a performer as helped win legions of fans over. The men were of course attracted to her beauty and the women loved her charm. She deserves all the awards she has gotten over the years and I will always be an eager fan watching out for her next production. You go Siti!

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