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Listing created by June on October 02, 2012    

Yuna understands the importance of music and has the ability to write songs that transcend boundaries. With her soft vocals and acoustic guitar, this singer-songwriter crafts intriguing ruminations on life, love, and more.


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(Updated: September 25, 2013)


I've heard about her for a long time and listened to a few songs but didn't like it, even though I agree that she has a nice voice. I think the song with a korean guy (totally couldn't remember him) is extremely boring which is befitting of the boring mainstream music. I've also heard of a few songs by her which all sound pretty similar.

Just today, I heard her song that was remixed to be featured on GTA 5, entitled Live Your Life (MELO-X MOTHERLAND GOD MIX). I think it is really good, and now I'm addicted to the song. I think the remix version is better than the original.

She's probably the most popular Malaysian star now. Usually, Malaysians who sing in English don't excel (the ones who do are Chinese "idols" rather than singers) so I'm really proud of her and wish her the best.

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Can't Believe She Was on the Conan O'Brien Show

I'm going to be honest with you all. I don't like Malaysian artists. Just something about them doesn't seem so...interesting. But I always keep my eyes open in case something extravagant happens. I was aware of Yuna's existence for two reasons. The first is the fact that the name is the same as the female protagonist from Final Fantasy X. The other is because of the weird thing on the head which is supposedly fashionable.

I'm not really aware of her works but I do know that she appeared on the Conan O' Brien show as the musical guest. I was shocked. That was the first time I saw a Malaysian appeared on an American Talk Show. That was awesome.

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Malaysian Indie Darling

I was blown away by Yuna's voice when i first heard her sing her first single, "Deeper Conversation". I was introduced to her by a friend and after listening to the song I was completely hooked! I remember going to a near hysterical state when she announced that she would be coming back to her Malaysian homeland to perform her concert.

I was one of the first few who bought her tickets and boy, did I ever get my money's worth. Yuna sounds much better in real life than on recording and I got to see her sing, dance and play an instrument (sometimes all at once) as she took us through her interpretation of music in that lovely voice of hers.

Malaysia is cheering for you Yuna!

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delicate indie darling

I've enjoyed Yuna since 2006 since I heard about her back in the MySpace days and even went to a few of her gigs before! It seems many Malaysian celebrities are really smart too, like Lisa Surihani she also studied law. My favourite song from her is "Deeper Conversation"

With a US management company behind her, I'm keen to see how far she will go!

Go Yuna!

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