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Giant Hypermarket Bayan Baru 78 Jalan Tengah Malaysia 11700
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 03, 2012    

It is the only Giant Hypermarket in Penang and is located along Jalan Mayang Pasir, Bayan Baru. The complex opened its doors to the public in 2005 and carries goods which are cheaper than other malls due to bulk discounts.



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This place is so boring I hardly go to Giant anymore. Jusco is a much better place for groceries (especially fresh ones), while Tesco is my second choice as it has more variety of dry food. The wet food at Giant are not very fresh (though it may be better than Tesco).

As for the other things at Giant such as the clothes and pet shop, those places are boring too. The clothes are cheap, yes, but ugly. The designs are very auntie-ish or lala. The pet shop does not have enough animals. Usually there are only 1 or 2 cats, many hamsters, and a few large fishes.

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wide variety for a cheap price

Okay, I confess, Giant has got to be my favourite supermarket, hands down. It literally and truly is a ‘hypermarket’; it is just gargantuan and huge, the rows of products never seem to end. If you can’t find the specific product you need, Giant has it.

Giant also sells some electronic products, stationery and some clothes. One thing about the clothes - I believe those manufactured by Giant are categorised under the label ‘Gino’, and usually, these clothes are pretty cheap. A warning though, these clothes are cheap, and anyone can see it. Unless, of course, if you don’t mind wearing clothes which are visibly not of good quality and getting judged for wearing ‘non-branded’ clothes, then by all means go for their clothes, really. I think their tops are generally still passable, but their jeans are a definite no-no, for me; at least.

I’ll skip the groceries section, because it is pretty self-explanatory – cheap goods and a wide variety of goods.

The stationery are generally going for a very cheap price, and they are actually well-known brands like Toyo, Azone and are really much cheaper than if you buy from other stationery stores. Same goes for electronics, they range from mobile devices like laptops, to household necessities like ovens. The price is more or less the same as compared to other stores, but still slightly cheaper.

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Groceries and Nothing More

Giant Mall is one of those malls where you feel that it shouldn't be a mall. It's boring, dull and dirty. If you're looking to have fun like you would in any other mall like 1 Utama, I suggest going somewhere else. I wouldn't want to dive in too much to that so I'm going to focus on the Giant-only part.

Giant is probably one of the most convenient places around with a supermarket that is easy to locate the things you need from slippers to a bag of rice. They also tend to have a lot of discounts as a way of fighting its rivals. My only complaint about this place is the same as any other Giant in which the cashiers are under-trained. They all lack motivation and are pretty rough with the way they handle their customer's items.

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Grocery shopping

Being one of major grocery mall, I always go to Giant for its proximity to my house and weekly grocery shopping.

Giant always have promotions on certain household items advertised in newspapers and they somehow attracted me to come over and do my shopping. But be aware of the final price at the check-out counter. Even though the items are on promotion, when they went under the scanner the price popped up as normal and without us realizing it, we paid for the full amount without the discounted price. My word of advice, always check the receipt before you go out of the store.

The staffs are inefficient and most of the time they're just talking and chatting with each other. Truly not professional.

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