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3 Jalan SS 20/27
Selangor, Malaysia 47400
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Listing created by leo-ng-87 on November 05, 2012    

 Tropicana City Mall is a mixed-used building consists of shopping mall, commercial block and condominium. It was officially opened on December 2008 by Dijaya Corporation Berhad.

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10am-10pm Monday - Sunday


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A Great Alternative To Other Malls.

After a long week of work and you're in the mood for some walking around, malls are probably one of your easiest options. But on weekends, most shopping malls like 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid will be packed with people so how are you going to enjoy yourself? Simple. Come to Tropicana City Mall instead.

It may not be as big as the other big named malls but at least you'll have a much more relaxed environment. You can enjoy the food here, do some minor shopping or even watch a movie at Golden Screen Cinemas at the top floor. It is one of those malls that aim for simplicity to attract customers. Definitely a great place for families to go to.

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A breather from those crowded malls

If I need to grab something without having to drive further, this mall will always be my choice. This is truly a compact neighborhood mall. Shops are decent but adequate to suit your needs. I can say, this mall has everything for everyone but choices aren't much.

My trip to this mall will always revolves around grocery shopping and having lunch or dinner with family and friends. There aren't many shoppers around, especially during weekdays. Most of the customers are the local residents nearby and I always have the opportunity to stumble upon familiar faces whenever I'm here.

This mall is great if you need a break from those mega shopping malls and crowded people. You can have your time and stroll around with ease. A good choice if you bring the kids along.

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Country Mall?

I enjoy going to this mall when I absolutely need to get away from huge overbearing crowds. Sometimes I enjoy the feeling of being alone in a mall and that is exactly how I would describe my feeling when I walk in the mall during the weekdays.

There are hardly people around and shop keepers can't help but yawn or play on their handphones as they wait for more customers to arrive. I enjoy this change of pace but the mall doesn't have much choice of outlets to shop at. If I happen to catch a movie there, I would mostly spend my time wandering around aimlessly and just try to enjoy the sense of peace and quiet that is so rarely found in a mall. Great for loners

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Well-done security.

Tropicana City mall is one of the mall that I go quite frequently. Although it is not a very big mall, there are eateries that provides a variety of cuisine including chinese, japanese, western and korean. I like going the cinema there as it is not so crowded. If you want to go for branded clothes shopping I will not suggest here as there are limited choices. However, there are some boutiques here offer nice clothes although the shop does not looks like it is worth to go in. I hope there will be more shops in the future.
I am pretty satisfied with the management as the security there is quite good. There are security guards located in every corner of the mall. The management also installed fish eye mirrors at the turning point of the staircase at the bridge for pedestrians' safety. These details were normally overlooked by malls.

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Not much people

The first impression I have for Tropicana City Mall when I walked into the building is the cold ambience. Not much people walking around in the mall and everyone looks relaxed and laid back. I used to go there for mid-night movie. On normal routine, I will get some grocery from Carrefour, most likely food for one week. Then place everything in my car and have my dinner with my girlfriend. Downside of Tropicana City Mall is there is not much of fast food option. Usually, we will opt for Subway since it is healthier. Right after dinner, we will get some walk in the mall and sometime end up in arcade to kill some time until the movie starts.

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