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Acknowledged as Malaysia's largest building built in a single phase, Berjaya Times Square has a gross built-up area of 7.5 million square feet with over 1,000 retails outlets offering shopping, accomodation and entertainment. Berjaya Times Square Theme Park (formerly Cosmo's World Theme Park), is the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia offering 14 specially-designed rides. The 10-screen Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), inclusive of a Premier Class hall and Malaysia's largest 2D & 3D Digital Halls known as GSC Maxx.


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I would always clamour to stay at Berjaya Times Square each time my family vacationed to KL. The theme park in there was a must-go. First few times we went, the place was clean, new and fresh. It was the "it" mall once. However, sad to say that I no longer profess such love for the place! I think it's become more run down and some of my favourite shops have left the building. There once used to be a pau shop selling all sorts of paus with different fillings, really sad that it's no longer there!

Frankly, I love the idea of the theme park in the building. It was common to hear the happy cries and screams of exhilaration flood the air as the roller coaster zoomed past. Needless to say, I went on the roller coaster ride more than 5 times. Had a whale of a time there with family and friends. BTS also boasts of a wide array of shops. I don't think I ever managed to finish shopping in just one day alone! However, the better shops are situated on the lower floors. If you are tight on time, don't bother going up to the upper floors because they will just be selling repeats.

The next time I visit BTS and KL again, I really hope to see a refurbished and renovated building with new shops added. Lesser crowds would be appreciated though.

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Favourite shopping place

I have a really low budget for clothes because I love to buy clothes and I buy them often. Hence, I don't think it is worth it to spend at least RM70 or more for a dress most of the time. Thus, I love Berjaya Times Square as there are many pretty clothes in the range of RM25-50. The major drawback is that you cannot try them on as there are no fitting rooms for most shops.

There are many shops selling the same thing. I remember that there was a shop on second floor selling a belt that I like for RM5 but I could only purchase it provided that I purchase a dress first. On the 3rd or 4th floor, other shops were selling the same belt at the same price but I was not required to make any other purchases.

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Closing down?

When Times Square first opened a few years ago, I was there and it was a tiring experience going through so many floors of shopping. At that time, most of the shops were occupied and there was still some crowd in the shopping mall. I spent a whole day there including many hours in the indoor theme park and could not say I had visited all the shops.

About two years after that, I was on a business trip with a colleague to KL and I brought him to Times Square. I was surprised that it changed quite a lot since I last visited it. Quite a number of shop spaces were empty and a lot of the higher levels shop were closed down. Also, the crowd was not there and it felt awkward because the shop assistants would be eyeing you when you passed by their shops. My colleague and I were in the mall for less than two hours, we did not even have our dinner in the mall.

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Food, entertainment and shopping

During my trip to KL, I stayed in Federal Hotel, just opposite of Berjaya Time Square. An overhead bridge from the sidewalk connects Federal Hotel and Berjaya Time Square.
Let's get to the point, there's a food court in the lower ground levels with a handful of local and international cuisine. I ordered the Pattaya fried rice and a watermelon juice as my drink from one of the stalls. I have to say, the drink was just nice and refreshing but the fried rice was a bit tasteless. Perhaps they ran out of salt that day.

There's an amusement park located inside. However, don't expect something that you will find in a more popular amusement parks such as Genting Highlands. The roller coaster here falls so far away in terms of fun and doesn't give me enough thrills compared to the one in Genting.

I did not really shop here but I did browse through some electronics. The vendors in the first floor electronic corners are not friendly at all. They had a 'buy it or get out' attitude.

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Can't seem to find much here

Berjaya Times Square is this really tall building opposite of Lowyat Plaza at Jalan Imbi. It's pretty easy to reach here by public transport. For a really tall building, I was expecting that there will be a lot of shops I'd be interested in but sadly enough, there's nothing much.

Most of the shops there are people selling cloned items such as a clone of Levi's Jeans and a clone of Tag Heuer watches. You'll know for sure that buying such items won't be able to last you very long. The only reason I came here was because of the indoor amusement park. If you're not planning on going all the way to Genting Highlands, then this is more than enough to satisfy your need for thrills.

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Amusement Park
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Shopping and entertainment

This is the place where you can get your shopping fix at lower price. The shops here are very much similar to Sungei Wang and they do carry the same fashion styles and yes, the price is cheap. Clothes on sale here are mostly targeted to teenagers and young adults.

Apart from shopping, this mall is known for its indoor theme park. kids and alike can have fun enjoying the games and rides here. They are entirely safe.

There's a cinema too in this mall. with over 10 halls situated in different levels, moviegoers have many reasons to come here and catch up a movie.

This mall is definitely a fun place for families.

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(Updated: January 26, 2013)

Cheap shopping

If you are on a tight budget this is the right place to spend your last pennies (after sungei wang). You can get real good bargains here, and its not just for the ladies, but also for them guys too.

There's a cinema and also a small theme park inside of the mall so that's pretty inviting, especially for the kids.So, while mummy is busy shopping, daddy could have some bonding activities with the kids too.

I guess its safe to say that its kinda like an all in one shopping mall,only less glamorous compared to the pavilion mall of course.

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Ideal for family fun. :)

Berjaya Times Square is another huge mall with fun for people from all walks of life and people from all ages. It houses boutiques of luxurious and common brands.

The mall has an indoor theme park that draws attention because of the loud and rumbling sound. It is a good place for families with kids. The mall itself is huge enough for entertainment but it is good to have an indoor theme park as well. This is just at the center of the city that makes it accessible and situated at a populated mall where everything is available. Quite a nice and fair bargain for parents and kids, huh?

I personally do not trust indoor roller coasters though. I look at it as a very dangerous ride maybe because of its distinct sound. I have opted to let my daughter ride on not too bumpy rides to appease myself. Not quite fun for my kid but at least good enough for me. :)

Picky eaters need not go anywhere. The mall houses a variety of good food to choose from. From fast food to the finest restaurant, name it they have it. ☺

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Shop till you drop

Yes, it is a place to shop till you drop, especially for ladies. You get good bargain here. This is a must-visit place. Every time I go to Kuala Lumpur, I always visit this shopping-heaven. This place has everything! The stuffs are also very unique. I think it is more to Asian style. You can even find summer bikinis to winter coat here. One can find different variety and good quality garments at comparatively cheaper price. There are a lot of branded and non branded shops available to choose from. A totally all-in-one shopping heaven. If you're exhausted, there are many restaurants or just cozy place to sit while drinking or eating snack. It really has everything. Don't worry! need to be prepared though. Bring a lot of money!

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Tight budget shopping spree

My go-to shopping centre has been (and always will be) Berjaya Times Square Shopping Centre. I find the clothes and other garments sold there are reasonably priced and affordable. The fashion items are more towards Korean/Japanese fashion which is much in demand among teens nowadays. To prove its affordability, I went for a budgeted shopping spree. As there are numerous shops there, I hardly remember which store I went in. But I can assure you the price of the same items in different shops are mostly similar or only RM5 less.

The budget : RM200
No. of items purchased : 2 bags = RM45, 2 blouses = RM50, 1 long skirt = RM39, 2 pair of shoes = RM35

And the balance after purchase is RM31 which covered my transport and food expenses! What a bargain to shop at Berjaya Times Square.

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