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Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

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Jalan Merdeka
Malacca, Malaysia 75000
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Listing created by arvind90 on October 10, 2012    

Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is situated along Jalan Merdeka, the heart of historical Melaka and has anchor tenants like the 24-hours McDonald's and Golden Screen Cinemas.

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Super big

What I love is that Dataran Pahlawan is located just right beside the tourist attraction of St Paul's Church and A Famosa. After A Famosa in the sweltering hot heat, you can just pop over to the mall and refresh yourself with the air-con and some drinks.

It is really big though - I got lost quite a few times and I found the map quite hard to read. The maps and shop directory are also located quite sparsely throughout the mall (and they don't have brochures for you to take either), so I suggest taking a photo of the map first.

The mall has major international brands like Cotton On, Adidas and best of all - A&W! I recommend all tourists to try A&W's root bear and cony dog.

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A Sudden Surprise in Melaka

When I came to Melaka for Hari Raya 2012, it was the first time in 7 years I have stepped foot into the state. Back then, I remember it being a bit dead, with only Mahkota Parade around. So you can probably guess how shocked i was when I first saw Dataran Pahlawan.

The place definitely felt like a mix of 1 Utama and Sungei Wang due to the fact they had well-know retail stores such as Padini and Quiksilver along with some local fashion retailers. Oddly enough, the prices of items in the retail stores were definitely a bit cheaper than the same branches in Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama despite it being the shopping sales season. I bought shoes in Payless store for RM 45 and later found out that the same shoes were priced at RM56 in the branch at Sunway Pyramid.

If I were to go to Melaka again, this place will be the first place I will visit.

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Average mall

When I heard that a new mall is opening its doors to public in Melaka, I was excited. So when I dropped by I was kinda eager to check out this place. But it's just disappointing. Nothing much I could say about this mall. It's just an average, decent mall in a city. There are a few well-known shops located at the main entrance, but that's it. Ventured further, I found nothing but some independent boutiques lining up the lots.

The mall is considerably huge for Melaka town. At the back end, you'll find traditional and typical Malay delicacies. Moving up in the middle, there are shops selling accessories, clothes and all things teenagers where they remind me of Sungei Wang.

Parking is a headache, with diversion here and there and limited parking spaces, I think I'll just pass this place the next time I'm in Melaka.

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Not too bad

One of the best malls you can settle for in Melaka. There's not much to see in the mall but it's enough with brands like Nichii, Heatwave, Nike, MNG and Mod to keep you occupied for at least an hour or two. There's a roller skating rink and a GSC cinema at the higher floors.

The lowest floor enjoys the highest human traffic and it also houses the most number of shops. Although it can get quite boring, as I said, this is about the best you can get in Melaka.

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Well facilitated Mall in melaka

Dataran Pahlawan is one of the largest mall in melaka, and it offer branded stuffs such as Roxy, Esprit, Levi's, Quiksilver,Padini and other stuffs. And it have a big field on the 2nd floor. It looks fantastic at night and it's a famous spot for couple. Besides that, it has many mini stalls selling various type of stuff such as Phone accesories, facial product, clothes, bags, as well as portrait painting services provided over there. And GSC Cinema is located in the upper floor of Dataran Pahlawan. A roller skating games is added recently too. It's quite comfortable to shop there as we could get lots of fashionable stuff there.

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(Updated: October 10, 2012)

Typical mall

The mall never fancies me. There are no unique or good foods. I would rather get something near Jonker Street. The mall is pretty plain, selling usual stuffs and noting much to look for. The exterior design looks to be one of the attractions where you can take some beautiful photo with it. The floor design is confusing and I can not really understand what is going on when I walk in the mall. The only good thing is the GSC cinema over there is brand new and there are a lot of people gathering around the cinema. I ended up eating sweet potatoes and waffles from a small eatery stall.

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Great location.

Dataran Pahlawan is a great place because on the roof sits a huge field where people can just sit down and enjoy the weather. What I think is even better about this place is that from the field, I could see nearby historical sites like St Paul's Hill. The view is even better at night when the lights of the Taming Sari Revolving Tower and Hatten Square come on.

On shopping, the good thing here is that it caters more for young adults with shops like quicksilver, roxy, esprit and etc. Also the GSC here is brand new and most probably the best place to catch a movie in Melaka.

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