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179 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100
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Listing created by hayleyM on October 10, 2012    



One of the newest shopping destination that caters to the young and modern urbanites. It boasts over 250 retail stores which spans over 7-levels of shopping space. The newest attraction here would be Parkamaya which is on the entire 3rd floor housing brands from Asia.


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It's as the previous reviewer said, this mall is pretty pointless. At Bukit Bintang, there are so many better malls. I only enter it for air-conditioner if I feel that it is too hot while walking at Bukit Bintang. And then I would continue my journey.

There are some cheap clothes on the top floor but Berjaya Times Square which is nearby is much better if you want cheap clothes with more variety. The mall is quite small and most are the stores are common franchise stores that can be found at pretty much any malls.

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Not so hot

Despite having the name Farenheit, this mall doesn't feel that 'hot' to me as there aren't too many attractions inside worth mentioning. Well, to think of it, I don't see any attraction that's worth mentioning actually. Everything here is just the same as all the other malls. Perhaps it was placed there to make bigger malls look better?

The shops are nothing extraordinary. A usual blend of clothes and restaurants. It's really not worth to spend your time here when there's some more interesting malls in the vicinity.

The food here is also moderate at best as I find them most of them to be very dull and tasteless. However, I think the Ramen served in Marutama is worth a try. It might be a bit localized, but it still live up to the title of 'ramen'.

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Too many malls in KL

Fahrenheit 88 is the prime example of Kuala Lumpur having too many malls. Why? The only hype this place had was being the first mall to have Uniqlo. Once Uniqlo branched out to other malls like 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Paradigm, this place practically became pointless.

How pointless? Well, you have tons of other, better options nearby like Pavilion which is right next door, Suria KLCC and with a little bit of walking you'll have Lowyat Plaza, Sungei Wang and Berjaya Times Square. If anything, this mall was just built at the wrong place. Build it at a residential area and you'll have yourself a mall that can potentially be flourishing.

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Nothing much

This place is just another mall where the same shops and outlets are located. Nothing much to shout about it, really. Just an average and decent mall neighboring with those huge-named malls like Pavilion and Lot 10. I guess, this place will be a great neighborhood mall if it is located in a residential area.

What I love most is the amazingly low parking rates. In this area, parking fees can always go skyrocketed. But Fahrenheit 88 has the best deal. With a flat rate of RM5 per entrance, this mall will be a great place to park your vehicle and you can roam around the area for shopping at other malls.

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Just another mall.

Fahrenheit 88, considered being one of the newer malls in KL City. I find it a really nice place to walk around because it’s not as crowded as any other shopping malls around the city, and maybe its due to the lack of tenants that they have inside.

The top level used to be shops selling digital items when I went there last year, but the last time I went there which Is last month, they turned the level into a Japanese area, quite similar to the Tokyo Street in Pavilion; which I find it not worthy since you’ve already have something similar just a street away.

One thing I find Fahrenheit 88 good is their parking rate, especially after evening when per entrance is only 5rm. So it’s definitely a place for people to park their car and maybe walk around Bukit Bintang or croassover to Pavilion.

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Unique Lo!

I am a Japanese enthusiast and so I have heard of the Uniqlo line of clothing before it came to our shores. I have read that the brand is well known for quality and it follows the fashion trends of youngsters in Tokyo Japan.

When the Uniqlo store opened I went to try out some of the clothing items they had and was not disappointed. I managed to get a set of long johns which kept me really warm throughout my holiday trip to Russia that same year. I now trust Uniqlo when I need to buy clothes to keep me warm. As for the complex itself, it doesn't have anything much to offer just yet, due to it being so new. I might be more obliged to pay another visit on my next shopping spree at Uniqlo but would definitely like to see more stores opening there.

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Quite a boring place to hang out in

Being fairly new, the first time I visited this shopping centre it failed to impress as during that time many of the shops were still empty. But later on visits, I saw more interesting shops opening which sells affordable goods which ranges from cuisine to health and beauty. A few months back Fahrenheit announced that Parkamaya will soon be making an appearance this coming December. It seems to be bringing in shops with a combination of Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and anything asian merchandises.

Whether it will emulate the success of Tokyo Street in Pavilion which is just a stone throw away or perform better remains to be seen. However, one thing is for sure – I cannot wait for Parkamaya to open its door to public.

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(Updated: October 12, 2012)

Nothing much, but only Uniqlo.

I went to Fahrenheit 88 for the first time just to visit the first Uniqlo store opened in Malaysia. If there was no Uniqlo, I don’t think I will pay a visit to this shopping mall as it is still fairly new, and basically nothing much there.

The last time I visited Fahrenheit 88 was a couple months back. A few food and beverages shops were opened but sadly, there are still not many clothing shops to shop at. And Uniqlo now has a few outlets at other places, so most probably I won't be coming back to this mall again.

However, their parking rates are considered quite low comparing to other shopping malls located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Maybe I’ll consider parking my car there and walk over to Pavilion or any other neighbouring shopping malls.

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Uniqlo store
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