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Mahkota Parade 1 Jalan Merdeka
Malacca, Malaysia 75000
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Listing created by arvind90 on October 10, 2012    

Mahkota Parade is a shopping mall in Melaka, It has big department stores like Parkson Grand and Giant Supermarket. The Centre recently underwent renovation and has a brand new look to it. 

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The old favorite.

Mahkota Parade is an old favorite for Melakans. It was the first mega shopping mall of Melaka.

The good thing after the renovation is it looks modern and easy for me to walk around. It doesn’t feel cluttered anymore. The place has most of the common brands and shops but they don’t have luxury brands here unless you consider Bonia as one. Hence for me it’s not much of a shopping place but a place of convenience as there’s a Maxis centre there to pay bills and etc.

The cinema here is not well maintained unlike GSC in Dataran Pahlawan.

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A Remnant of its Former Glory

Mahkota Parade used to be a decent mall that people can enjoy shopping, especially for those from different states coming to Melaka for the holidays. The last time I actually felt this place being decent was back in 2004. It still had a prestigious feeling at the time.

But now, it is filled with mat rempits and young malay couples all over the place. Not only that, the shop workers all look incapable, as if they are all high school drop-outs. Even the cinema isn't a proper cinema anymore. Luckily, there's a much better place just outside of Mahkota Parade called the Dataran Pahlawan. If you're in the Bandaraya area of Melaka, do yourself a favour and don't visit this place, it's a waste of time.

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Decent mall

There's nothing much to rave about this place actually. Just an old, boring mall that has been there for some time. Improvements have been made to compete with other new malls alike within its surrounding. Still, it's nothing better.

I didn't spend much time lingering around this mall because everything simply turned me off. The concourse area is the only place that can be considered, lively. Other than that, it's just the usual.

The location of this mall is a plus point, at the heart of Melaka town. Thus probably explains why it's still alive and kicking up until now.

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Nothing much to offer...

I visited Mahkota Parade after it's renovation, expecting to see something new. My opinion of Mahkota Parade had never been that high because I found the items there slightly overpriced. So it was with renewed expectations that i returned there.

I found that this time around, the quality of the shops have improved. I had a good time window shopping here, but nothing really perked my interest. However, a visit to the toilet really proved to be a dampener. I felt like I'd entered a Third World toilet with dirt and grime everywhere. The food court was repulsive as well, with roaches and flies all around.

Some improvements definitely need to be made, as soon as possible.

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Typical mall

Mahkota Parade was once the most popular shopping mall in Melaka. I remembered I always went there for shopping when I was young, and it is always crowded. But now lots of new shopping malls such as Dataran Pahlawan and AEON Bandaraya Melaka launched in Melaka, which makes Mahkota Parade no longer famous. It's still a well facilitated shopping mall and with lots of shops inside. I just hope it will have more branded outlets opening in Mahkota Parade in order to gain the popularity back. There's a Parkson and Giant inside and it's still a good place for shop.

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Aging Mahkota Parade

It was once the only happening mall in Melacca town that we used to call it MP (Mahkota Parade) . Anyway, currently its limelight was stolen by Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Mall. Few years back, this is the only mall with GSC cinema and is flooded with students even during weekdays. There are fast foods and there was a Japanese restaurant that serves tasty sushi. Not too sure the restaurant is still there. Nothing much left in the building; crowd has gone to a more happening spots opposite the mall while it only left a few outlets with a lot of local handcraft and souvenirs shops. I would say its prime time is almost over.

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