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Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59200
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Listing created by Kooooon on October 09, 2012    

Mid Valley Megamall, located in the Mid Valley City precinct of Kuala Lumpur, was the largest retail development in Asia when it opened in 1999, occupying 1.7 million square feet spread across five levels of retail space that are occupied by 430 shops and restaurants. The anchor tenants at Mid Valley Megamall are Jusco, Carrefour, Metrojaya, and Golden Screen Cinemas (currently the largest multiplex in Asia with 18 screens). Also, it only takes another 30 steps to their sister mall, The Gardens, for an additional 200 shops worth of retail bliss.


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Must-go mall for shopaholics

When I heard that Mid Valley Megamall had over 400 sops in it, I knew I had to drop in when I was in KL. Getting there is fairly convenient, with a KTM station less than 5 minutes away.

And when I entered, I felt like a little kid spoilt for choice! there were so many retail outlets and eating outlets! Unlike many other malls where sooner or later you find that all the retail outlets are selling more or less the same item, this one's different.

After about 3 hours of shopping at shops like Himalaya Herbal, Yin Onn and World Of Cartoons, which had great discounts by the way, I had a fulfilling dinner at Sushi King. All in all, a day well spent.

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Very big

If you are shopping for clothes, you would not be able to browse through each and every clothing store in a day. I kinda agree with the previous reviewer that even though it is big, there is not many things to buy. However, for me, the main reason is because most of the things are above my budget even though for many people, there are many averagely-priced items in this mall.

If you want to go to Midvalley during the weekends, I would suggest you to take the public transport instead because driving is just suicidal as it would be too jam-packed.

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Big but still not much to buy

There was one business trip where my colleague helped me book a hotel very near Mid Valley. After office hours, I had the whole evening to myself and I walked around the mall. The mall was too big and there were also a lot of shops. I was looking around for something to buy back for my children.

Sadly, after walking around for a few hours and browsing through a few shops that sold children stuff, I was still not able to find anything special to buy for my children. I think the saving grace here is that they have a wide selection of restaurants and eating places. It was a pity I was only eating one meal there, if not, there would be a lot more restaurants that I would want to try.

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What a huge place!

Out of all the malls in KL, I would have to say Mid Valley has a special place to my heart as it was the only mall I used to visit whenever I came to KL as a child. As a child, this place is very astounding. I loved how the GSC branch here outshines the one in my hometown, Kota Kinabalu by so many ways. There aren't really much to complain about here except that the building looks a bit old and that made it seem a bit dirty.

I also had a bad memory of getting lost in Mid Valley when I was a child as the place was just so huge. I got separated from my parents when I was 'leaving the pack' to check out some toys, the next thing I knew, I was crying in search of my parent. Fortunately for me, my luck change when a security guard found me and brought me to the information counter.

Memories aside, I think that the price here is quite decent and most of the shop welcomes bargaining. However, don't expect to see much of any designer brand here. Like always, if you're not satisfied about the price when shopping for electronics, just ask for a free gift.

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Very tiring to walk around the whole of Mid Valley

Mid Valley Megamall is probably the biggest mall in the Kuala Lumpur area. It is so huge that after walking to each shop in the mall, my legs feel like they've just finished a work-out session at the gym. Needless to say that this mall is complete, with a cinema, various restaurants and plenty of fashion stores around, you'd definitely be able to find something to do here.

Also, there are times when a certain event would be happening at their convention centre at the top floor. Events such as the Education Fair or an Anime Festival will be held at that place. I only come here via the LRT to Bangsar and then take the shuttle bus from there as the parking there is always full.

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A change of environment

I love to shop at Mid-valley because of it's many retail outlets and anchor tenants. I am always spoilt for choice knowing that I can always switch between Jusco or Isetan if I can't find something. The parking can be a real hassle as there are many people every day due to the popularity of the mall. Normally if I'm going for a quick shopping trip or just for a movie outing plus dinner with friends, I would be the one who suggest that we all take the KTM to the mall.

IT saves much more time compared to driving there and saves you plenty of stress, ensuring you can still enjoy shopping. I would also come here first when there are sales going on because I normally find more things than what I really need, to buy.

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Perfect choice for shopping leisure

It's my favorite place to shop when I go to KL as I can just go there via the KTM from KL Sentral. There are wide choices of retail stores and based on my experience, one day is not enough to completely shop around here. The facilities are quite convenient, there are two large suraus for the Muslims and the restrooms are satisfyingly clean. You can find almost everything there. There was once that my family and I had to wait for almost an hour to get a parking space here due to large amount of people even though on weekdays. Thus my advice is preferably to go there via KTM.

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(Updated: November 08, 2012)

Crowded most of the time

This mall is easily accessible via public transportation. A really nice place for shopping, it has numerous choice of stores. I once spent almost a whole day here doing my rounds of shopping. When it comes to mega sale, this mall is the best.

As what its name says, this place is huge! You can find almost everything here. The exhibition center at the top floor often hosts some great expos where you can find a good deal out of it.

But do take note, parking is a nightmare! Even though they have ample parking spaces, most of the time they're always full. So it's no wonder if you found yourself driving around in the basement for 30 minutes or so looking for an empty bay.

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(Updated: October 25, 2012)

Great place to hang out

Mid Valley is one of my favourite shopping centres. There are just so much variety here for the food, clothes, shoes and etc that ranges from high-end to affordable. Love that it houses 4 anchor tenant stores here under one roof. – Jusco, Isetan, Metrojaya & Robinson.

It is also very easy to get here using public transportation. You can get here using KTM and stop at the Mid Valley station. Likewise, you can take the Putra LRT, stop at Bangsar station and then take the free shuttle (a yellow color small sized bus) to Mid Valley. It is also linked to two hotels ( Boulevard and Cititel) so for those staying here you can shop till you drop, take a rest in the hotel and then shop till you drop again.

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Once the biggest mall in SEA

The mall is huge! If you try to spend a day to walk thoroughly the whole building, dream on! I spend two days just to cover most of the shops. I was staying at Cititel Hotel for my breakaway; there are plenty of good foods in the mall with variety of shops. It is very convenient for those who stay in Cititel Hotel as there is a passage from the hotel lobby to the mall. You can spend your time to shop around. Once you are done, just drop all your bags in the hotel and get good dinner before you head for midnight movie.

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A really huge place.

Midvalley was one my favorite shopping malls as it has most of the shops that I can't get to in the place I'm living at.

Among my favorite food places here are Little Penang Cafe and Carl's Junior. There's also a 2 story pet shop there which I frequent during my high school days and it has lots of cool pets like tarantulas and sugar gliders.

The downside to this place is that parking here gives me a good dose of frustration. It seems common courtesy doesn't apply in the pits of Midvalley basement parking and there have been reports of crimes in the parking area.

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