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Batu 14, Jalan Labuk Sandakan
Sabah, Malaysia WDT200, 9009
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Recognized as the face of Sandakan to the tourist, Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary that was built in 1964. llegal poaching has diminished the number of orangutans.This center provides a safe haven for the species to grow once again. Visitors are also allowed to interact with them up close.

Daily feeding times for the apes occurs twice a day at 10 am and 3 pm.

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8am - 5pm
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8am - 5pm
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Adult: RM5
Under 18: RM2

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Adult: RM30
Under 18: RM15
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Planet of the Apes!

A paradise for apes! I was still a young boy when I first visited this place. Unfortunately, it was closed and I cried for ages during the first few days of my trip to Sandakan. However, when I returned to Sepilok in a few days, and it was really something worth crying for.

One of my favorite moments in this place was the feeding time for the junglemen of Borneo. They were swinging like Tarzan and it was a sight to see. Have you ever seen fishes swimming towards you when you're throwing breadcrumbs into a pond? Well, imagine that happening with what seem thousands of large orang utans racing towards the sanctuary employers. Must be fun to join them in the feeding canopy. Next, they also taught some monkeys a few tricks.
The usual stuff that you find in zoos and any other animal shows. The monkeys did a few tricks such as the vine swing and chased each other around in trees, then are awarded with more bananas for their hard work. It really impressed me as a child and I had to say, seeing that sight with my adult eyes once again last year did gave me the same positive impression.

However, visitors are warned not to touch these gentle creatures as they can go berserk.

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Feeding session
Sandakan, Sabah
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