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Kek Lok Si Temple (极乐寺)

Kek Lok Si Temple (极乐寺) Hot

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1, Tokong Kek Lok Si, Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia 11500
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Kek Lok Si Temple is translated from Penang Hokkien and has the meaning of "Temple of Supreme Bliss" or "Temple of Sukhavati". Kek Lok Si Temple stands majestically on a hill in Air Itam and is the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. The temple took more than 20 years to build which features gardens, a turtle pond, shrines and beautiful sculptures, and is later being commercialized with shops at every level and inside the main temple complexes.

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(Updated: February 04, 2013)

Grand temple

I was so impressed with the whole look of this temple. Covering a large acres of land, this place looks great from afar, sitting beautifully on top of the hill.

This is a great place for sightseeing and for Buddhist, definitely a good place for spiritual enhance. Great buildings are everywhere, and I spent almost half the day here walking and venturing on the whole area. The compound is well maintained and pretty. The old buildings are very historic and have its own charm, which I adore so much. I walked up the tiny stairs in one of the pagoda. Although the walkway was quite small, we managed to climb up until the end and the view from the top is breathtaking. It's like you can see the whole temple from this tip.

This is a totally great place for sightseeing. I had an amazing time here and was surprised that a new line of construction is taking place to build another temple on the hill. What a prosperous temple.

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Spiritually enlightening.

As I ascended the stairway to the Kek Lok Si Buddhist temple, I couldn't help but feel a sense of wonderment wash over me, as I gazed on all the statues of Buddha and various Bodhisattvas as well as Chinese gods being venerated in this famous temple.

Not even the ceaseless tourist crowd could intrude on the calm that this temple exudes. Intricately-carved woodwork, brightly painted and polished and added to a plethora of lanterns add to the visual dynamics of this temple.

The highlight of anyone's visit to this temple is the towering statue of Goddess of Mercy, sitting atop the temple serenely. A wonderful experience to remember from my time in Penang.

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