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Batu Caves Sri Subramaniam Temple
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 68100
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Listing created by Iswariya on October 10, 2012    

One of the most sacred places in Kuala Lumpur for Hindus. It consists of one big cave and 3 small caves for people to explore. The limestone forming Batu Caves is said to be around 400 million years old.

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Up up here we go!

When someone mention Batu Caves to me, the first that that pops to my head would be the stairs. If I remembered correctly, the Hindu pilgrims from all over the world will carry the Kavadi up the flight of 273 stairs during Thaipusm, if you can stand the crowd and would like to watch something magnificent, do take a visit during thaipusm.

Besides that, the place is also quite beautiful in it's own right. I was once invited by a friend to join an adventure trip which was organized by the Malaysian Nature Society and I have to say, the dark caves, situated right below the temple cave is really a sight to behold. What I love about the cavern is that there's no sign of human progress inside, just natural stalactites and stalagmites formation. However, if you're not a fan of cold dark places, I would recommend it.

But, do take note that this enjoyment will only last you for your first visit. I do not see anything that is worth a second visit unless you're a Hindu. And finally, stay away from the monkeys. They have a bad habit of biting.

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It makes for a great exercise.

If you are an exercise-freak, chances are, climbing up Batu Caves under a certain time frame has probably crossed your mind. In fact, just climbing up all the way already feels like a big achievement. My friends and I have challenged each other numerous times as to who can reach the top first.

It was a little dangerous as a fall might lead us to our death but don't worry, we've had proper training beforehand, it's not one of those 'go with your instincts' kind of thing. There's nothing much to do here but I kind of find it weird as year after year, the number of tourists around have been increasing. They must really love this place.

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One visit and that's all

This place is one of the major tourist spot in Malaysia. I once had a chance to come by this place just to experience all the hypes.

The weather was hot and sunny and once you're there, be prepared to climb the over 200 step of stairs. You need to be physically fit to be up there. We were beyond exhausted and luckily, there are places in between the stairs where you can have a short break and catch on your breath.

I was somewhat disappointed upon arrival at the top. Firstly, there were rubbish everywhere and it was sad to learn that this religious site is running in such a dire state. I mean, people need to be educated about the cleanliness of a religious place.

Honestly, there's nothing much for us to do once we're up there except for venturing further into the caves and the monkeys can be a nuisance. Avoid them at all cost.

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Gigantic Buddha statue!

As a major tourist attraction site the place is pretty ordinary. The big gigantic statue is pretty impressive, but other than that there's nothing much to see.

Climbing the stairs was kinda exhausting,its a long way up, so remember to wear comfy shoes. Oh. and there's a lot of monkeys lurking around too. So beware.

If you've never been there before, then you should visit, but once is more than enough.

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Great trip for the caves.

This is a wonderful place for all visitors to go to. I'm pleased to see that many people, regardless of their race goes there. There is a really huge temple to take photos at, and the place will also give you a little exercise to the top, as there are around 300 steps to climb.

The cave itself is also beautiful, with lots of stalagmites and stalagtites that took ages to form. Personally, I feel very fascinated by the cave as it shows a sense of how old our world really is for this cave to be formed.

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Great place to visit,a cultural heritage site

the Batu Caves attracts lots of Hindus every year during Deepavali and I have always wondered how it looks like in person. I had the opportunity to spend last year's Deepavali at the Batu Caves and it was a fantastic experience. There were beautiful statues and carvings everywhere and there were so many people who were admiring and fulfilling their religious beliefs at the same time.

The procession started from the bottom and it took about 45 minutes to an hour and a half for them to get to the peak because it was so crowded. There were a lot of sounds and people were so busy , jostling about and I absolutely loved every second being there. I enjoyed the sense of festivity immensely. During the weekdays, the place feels rather empty but it is still a great place to visit and you can easily walk around for hours and capture more than a few dozen good photos.

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A fascinating place.

My visits to Batu Caves have always been wonderful. Although in recent years, I find that it's being more and more overrun by tourists, which takes away some of the pristine beauty of the place, overall I still have had enjoyable experiences there.

The main staircase of 300 steps is a significant climb, and one that I somehow find best taken in thoughtful inner pondering. On occasions, I have also seen devotees making the climb on their knees!

Being a student of geography, I'm fascinated by the myriad of limestone formations surrounding me in the caverns. There are parts that are restricted to visitors, and I suspect that there are some parts of the caverns that are still left unexplored.

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Once A Week, very Healthy!

With its famous Hindu Temple, it attracts loads of visitors regardless of the race, even Malay & Chinese also visit to this spot to view the gorgeous temple. Also, it is a good place to do some light exercise as it has almost 300 steps from bottom until the top.

I used to be there early in the morning about 7am during the weekend, there is plenty of joggers around and begin their "journey" to the top. Advisable for visitors to wear sports shoes as the steps is quite steep and slippery. Also, there are monkeys swinging around or hanging around the path way. Be cautious if you wear spectacles or cap, otherwise the monkeys will snatch it and runaway!

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Very refreshing morning climb to enjoy a brilliant view

A religious and place of worship for Hindu’s in Malaysia. It is an interesting place to visit as other temples usually consist of only buildings. This one has a cave which you have to climb up the 272 steps to reach. Good exercise I would say.

For someone like me with a poor stamina, I huffed and puffed to reach the top. The view there was breath taking. There is a hole on top of the cave which lets in the sunlight. Early in the morning, there would be joggers + people offering their prayers there. Do try to avoid visiting during Thaipusam as the place will be really crowded and the roads around Batu Caves will be closed.

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Great view from the top

300 steps up to the top of Batu Caves are not going to be easy especially the steps are not even. We stopped several times to gasp for air and most of the time it is because the path is blocked by group of monkey. Most of them will go away after a few shoo. It took us about 30 minutes of fast walk to reach the top and finally we can stop and amazed the natural beauty of Batu Caves. It was a unique experience and I did not regret to wake up early just to get up of Batu Caves.

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