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Perodua, a Malay acronym for 'Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad' which has a meaning of Second Automobile Manufacturer Private Limited in English, is the second largest automobile manufacturer in Malaysia after Proton. Established in 1992, Perodua launched its first car, Kancil, in August 1994. Perodua mainly produces minicars and does not have models in the same market segments as Proton.


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A Reliable Local Car Maker

Perodua is a local carmaker that is famous throughout Malaysia. In fact, every Malaysian who has a driving license have probably driven a Perodua car, in particular, the Perodua Kancil. It is a reliable brand that doesn't give much problems unlike the other local carmaker, Proton. Up until now, Perodua has only been making small cars with the exception of the Kembara, Nautica and Alza. In fact, the Alza is even smaller compared to regular MPVs.

Their kancil, kelisa and viva is a fuel efficient car that is more than enough to satisfy the needs of young drivers of today's world. The cars may not be as solid as most Proton cars but at least it serves the needs of the users without much headache. Driving a manual Kancil feels like playing Daytona U.S.A. in the arcade though. A reliable local brand that you can depend on if you have to purchase a car that isn't expensive in Malaysia.

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