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Guan Eng was born on the 8th of December 1960 and is currently(2012) the 4th Chief Minister of the State of Penang. He is also the current(2012) Secretary-General of the Malaysian Democratic Action Party.


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Does what has been said

I have never been interested in politics before and right now, I still am disinterested. What I like to see are people leading the government who knows what is best for the country and its people. I do not care what party leads the country as long as the idealogies are not too extreme and it maintains the people's interests at heart.

Guan Eng is one of those people. I was surprised to see so much improvement in Penang's financial state, condition of roads, better financial plans for the elderly, etc. Now every Penangite can enjoy freshly paved roads which were not paved before and potholes filled which here left gaping for years previously. Even a blind person would be able to sense the improvements and if this is the sort of change that he can bring to the state, then he is certainly most welcome to stay.

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