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Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad was the longest serving and fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. He held the post for 22 years from from 1981 to 2003. During this administration, he was considered as one of Asia's most influential leaders and is also noted in the Western world as an outspoken critic of Western civilization.

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A visionary leader

In my growing up years, it was Dr. Mahathir who dominated political headlines in Malaysia. I was used to seeing him at the forefront of Malaysian politics. I believe that under his stewardship, Malaysia experienced rapid modernisation and economic growth.

I've always admired his passion for the advocacy of of third-world development and actively raising international awareness for causes such as the interests of Bosnians in the 1990s Balkans conflict.

Although retired, I believe he is still influential in the Malaysian political scene. What Lee Kuan Yew is to us Singaporeans, Mahathir is to Malaysians: Visionary leaders who dared to push the forefronts of their country's dreams.

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Intelligent guy

He is intelligent, honest, and outspoken. When asked if Malays could give up their special rights, he answered that it would happen if vernacular schools are abolished.

Unlike many non-bumiputeras especially Chinese, I actually agree with Mahathir on this. I think it is a fair trade. This is because from my personal observation, there are quite many Chinese people in Chinese schools who develop an ah beng, racist attitude. Some of them totally do not bother to learn BM or English. As a result, some of them couldn't comprehend extremely simple BM and English, I'm being extremely serious here. I've met quite a number of them.

From many Chinese people's points of views, the Chinese culture will be lost if Chinese schools are abolished. I would say that some sacrifices are necessary, because we are not China people even though our ancestors came from there. We are Malaysians so we have to be more Malaysian than Chinese.

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He should take a break.

I remembered that somewhere in 2003, Dr Mahathir gave a speech that shook the nation with a 'Saya hendak meletak jawatan(I quit)' sentence somewhere in the speech. I remembered his teary eyes like it was just yesterday. As he was reading from a paper, I think that he was already prepared to say it.

However, I do think that he should stay in retirement. As much as I love seeing him in the television and giving his insights about the country's current government, I think he shouldn't be too bias towards BN now that he is retired. I know that he only have the best interest for the country in mind. But, I think that he should at least give someone else a chance.

Still, when he was our PM, I think that was Malaysia's glory days. He was very wise in his actions and I think he earned the trust of our people. Still, it bothers me that he might be burdened every now and then by the current condition of our country.

My kind sir, we appreciated everything that you have done to our country. You are truly a great leader.

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The Leader With an Iron Fist

Dr. Mahathir, the longest serving prime minister of Malaysia as well as the father of modernization, is without a doubt, one of the greatest political figures Malaysia has ever seen. A controversial political figure but a great one nonetheless. Never has anyone seen a political figure that is so outspoken and powerful in Malaysia.

It was thanks to his efforts that Malaysia is what it is today, being the driving force of Proton and the development of KLCC. His efforts has managed to let other countries know about the existence as well as the importance of Malaysia. Although, the Proton part is something I wished would've just died off, everything else is pretty beneficial for the country.

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The Tireless Leader

We all know what Mahathir's contributions were for the country, so I am going to talk about why I admire him as a person. As a leader he has fantastic public speaking skills. He is able to speeches which are entertaining and informative at the drop of a hat. He courageously challenges the frontier and desires only to make Malaysia a better country.

The best thing is that despite ending his reign as Prime Minister for so many years, he has not vanished into the background. Even up till today, he is still an advocate of human rights for the people of Malaysia and is constantly participating in the country's political events. He is more than just a Prime Minister, he is a father who tirelessly takes care of the Malaysian citizens and for that, I applaud you, Mahathir.

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Father of Modernization

During his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia, we have experienced massive modernization and growth. Malaysia was named as one of the country with great potential under his leadership. He is bold, dominant and outspoken. I respect him as a great figure in anti-apartheid movement in South Africa where he stood firm to support African to fight for their rights. He is not favored by Western leaders due to his outspoken critics. However, it is his boldness and wisdom which lead Malaysia into modern world. For what he have done to promote economic development of Malaysia, Mahathir is named Father of Modernization.

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(Updated: October 02, 2012)


I do not know Dr. Mahathir well but one thing I have respect is how outspoken he is in his blogs. Its nice to see a powerful figure such as himself share his point of views of the world. Although I may not always agree with his views of Western Culture, he represents our traditional values well and fights to hold on to these values.

The last paragraph of his blog in particular struck a chord with me.

"I deplore the extremely violent reactions to the film and killing of the American consul but I fully understand that some people’s feelings are stronger than some other people. In a free world the strength of these people’s feelings is their right. If there is such a thing as human rights then there should also be respect for the sensitivities of other people.

Otherwise stop talking about human rights and certainly stop violently promoting these so-called rights. You have no right to take the moral high ground."

Intelligent, diplomatic and steadfast. I felt very proud after reading that :)

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