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T-031 - 033, 035 & 035A Third Floor Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59100
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Listing created by cskhee2 on February 18, 2013    

Pets Wonderland is the speciality chain of superstores in Malaysia catered for pets. It has a wide range of high quality products to its top customer services, providing only the best.

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Woof woof!

I love this place as they actually sell DOGS in a shopping mall. Not only that, they have many cute accessories and clothes for your beloved pets. I really enjoy looking at the many types of dogs which are not very common at other pet shops.

The place is considered quite clean and not that smelly compared to other pet shops (except for the area near the birds though). They have exotic animals as well but I didn't really look at them as I was much more interested in the furry animals.

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I often come here to view the animals.

As I was walking around with a couple of friends in Mid Valley one fine day, I had no idea what to do. It was still to early to go home and I would be even more bored to go home at the time. As we had just came out of the cinema not so long ago, watching another movie was out of the question. So we had lunch at the food court upstairs and soon found ourselves in the same dilemma from before. Then we saw Pets Wonderland on the same floor.

We walked in just to see if there was anything that could amuse us. There were plenty of animals there from pet snakes to turtles to your regular household cats. The guinea pigs were super cute. As we toyed around with the pets and watched the exotic animals, I had a sudden urge to buy one. But I couldn't since I was living in a condo. If you want a pet but have no idea what to get for yourself, coming here would be a great start.

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