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Jalan Tanjung Kubong, Labuan
Sabah, Malaysia 87008
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A bird sanctuary that houses hundreds of local species of birds. The birds all fly freely inside 3 giant domes that are connected by 4 tunnels. There are even live bird shows featuring the Bird Park's popular Cockatoo, Kent and it even pose for a picture with the friendly Mollucan Cockatoo Mulan. The shows are scheduled at 11AM and 3PM, whereas feeding time are at 11.30AM and 4PM.

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10 am - 5 pm
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10 am - 5 pm
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Adult: RM 3
Children(5 - 12 years): RM 1
Below 5: Free
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Beware of bird droppings!

The 3 domes that houses the birds are really a sight to behold. However, one should watch where they are going and always look up. As birds, I don't think one can train them to not drop the bomb at visitors. Therefore, it's our job to keep ourselves away from the droppings. I remembered having one close call when a bird when a bird almost pooped on my head and missed me by just inches. However, my luck turned sour when I touch another set of bird droppings on the hand rail. It's like a bird droppings version of Final Destination. Lesson of the day: Do not touch the hand rails.

Putting all those aside, I do think this place is worth a visit. There's a very serene atmosphere in the dome and it's a very relaxing getaway. Hear the sound of birds chirping and also flying above you in their man made habitat. It doesn't stray too far away from a real bird watching experience. However, like I always say, one should never expect too much.

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Labuan, Malaysia
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