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Labuan Botanical Garden

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Jalan OKK Abdullah, 87000
Sabah, Malaysia 87000
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Listing created by grato1412 on March 08, 2013    

One of the natural places in Labuan. Housing great trees dating back to the 1800s. A popular jogging spot for the locals.

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As a Labuanian, I think that one of the place I would recommend for nature lovers in my little pearl of Borneo would be the our local botanical park. It does houses quite a display of wonderful and beautiful flowers for you to feast your eyes on. I do love the trees that are engulfing the trail in this beautiful park. It's really an ideal place for an evening joke or even if you're looking for somewhere romantic to court that special someone. For those adventurous people, see if you're able to seek out all the grave markers. There's also a skate park in here.

However, I think that the park needs some maintenance. The giant water fountain that is located at the heart of the park isn't shooting any water out and to make matters worst, the swimming pool section which used to be lively with shouting kids, sprouting water cannons even a mini water slide is now turned into a tadpole breeding ground. The sight of it does make you lose any interest in this park.

Visitors be warned though. My friend and I visited the garden one day for our evening jogs together and we ran into a pervert who flashed his privates to us. I do not know if this is still going on. So, I would not recommend anyone to come to this park alone. Especially if you're a female.

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