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Bukit Fraser
Pahang, Malaysia 49000
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Listing created by Jelle on November 13, 2012    

Fraser’s Hill is a highland resort destination nestled among the mountains of Pahang, about two hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Locally known as Bukit Fraser, this cooling holiday retreat is popular for its nature activities and cooling climate, attracting not just locals escaping the city heat, but visitors from Singapore and other international locations. It is also one of the last hill stations of Malaysia, an imprint left behind by former British colonial masters. 

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Chilly and serene

Fraser's Hill is COLD. Seriously, pack windbreakers and long pants. The weather changes from bright and chilly to gloomy and foggy in a second. Rain falls quite frequent too. Try barbecue-ing there, it's quite the challenge.

When I went with my friends, we were dropped off at our apartment and the rest of the trip, we traveled by foot. Walking uphill and downhill is pretty fun, just watch out for oncoming cars.

There's not much to do there, especially if you're not much of a nature lover. It's a relaxing place, perfect for a getaway from the city. The insects there are cousins had fun catching beetles the size of a thumb and a millipede thicker and longer than a glue bottle.

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The Getaway!

Fraser's Hill is another cooling place located in Pahang that makes a great holiday getaway...if you don't plan on doing anything much. No, seriously, there's nothing much to do here. They do have scones here but that's pretty much the only thing I can look forward to. Unlike Cameron Highlands, this place is pretty dead at night.

So what can you do here? Well, you have the choices of taking pictures, walking around aimlessly, enjoy the cold weather and enjoy the scenery. The place is pretty green around so the air feels fresher, especially if you compare it with the likes of cities in Kuala Lumpur. Oh, if you have running shoes, trying going for a jog. You might like jogging in cold weather for a change.

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All That Fell Behind

One of my favourite childhood vacation spot, Fraser's Hill had kept so much of wonderful memories of mine. The cool air there was oustandingly refreshing and just gives everyone a boost of joy automatically.

However in the past few years, Fraser's Hill had changed so much, as I came here again a month ago. The famous rest house called The Gap, used to be a place for birds lovers to hangout. In the morning they serve really good English breakfast with scones and English tea; at night they serve really warm home-cooked western cuisine that warms your hearts. Ever since the government built the new road and torn down the birds' habitat, The Gap was soon being abandoned due to the absence of birds lovers. It was said that the amount of bird species in Fraser's had dropped more than 80% due to the construction of the new road.

To me I felt it was really a waste that beautiful places like Fraser's and The Gap being unappreciated. If not, it will definitely be a wonderful place to visit, along with all the English lifestyle that we busy people do not get to experience.

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Fraser's Hill is a quiet hideaway from the bustling city life. The fresh mountain air is cool and the picturesque surroundings will evoke memories of the colonial era. As such, it is not surprising that Fraser Hill has become a popular venue for company retreats and weekends. Golfing fanatics will thoroughly enjoy the 18-hole De Club Golf Course at Bukit Frazer. The Paddock at Fraser's Hill provides ponies for novices who would like to experience the pleasures of horseback riding and horses for more proficient riders. Frasers Hill is also a heaven for bird-watching with over 270 species of local and migratory birds flocking together here.

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Natural beauty

There's nothing much to do here except for sightseeing and enjoy the nature beauty. Yes, this place still maintains its natural greenery so it's a good place for people to have a breather once in a while.

If you decided to stay here, please spend a night ONLY. You'll get bored after a while and this place becomes a dead town overnight. There's no activity to enjoy during night time. All you can do is just walk around, took some pictures and enjoy the cold breeze.

However, please take your time to enjoy some warm scones. It's perfect in this weather and just nice to kill some time.

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Everything in the world to do

I was itching for something new to do so I drove down to Fraser's Hill with some friends last year. The place was spacious, and there was greenery everywhere. The air smelts fresher too

We treated ourselves to a few rounds of golf at the gold course and managed to complete a round of 9 holes before lunchtime. Then it was on to the gold clubhouse for some proper club food. The ambience of the place was nice, they had many golf memoirs of pro's hanging on the walls. They had a glove which was supposed to have been worn by a famous golfer while he was in town.

After lunch we decided to try out a new neck-breaking sport called horse riding. Some of my friends who were girls were less brave and decided to sit on pony-sized horses while the men tried to take on the larger stallions. We had plenty of experienced trainers standing around ready to give us assistance and the event went on without a hitch. We brought back many memories and also sore hips and thighs from the horse riding as souveniers.

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Fraser's Hill
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