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Lot 195 & 196 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia 39000
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Cameron Highland is located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. It is one of the most famous tourists attractions where most of the visitors spend their time enjoying the cool atmosphere and peaceful environment. There are a few tourists spots, such as Tea Plantation farm, Strawberry farm, Honeybee Farm.

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Not cold at all

I went to Cameron Highlands and it wasn't cold at all. On the contrary, it was hot and bright. The strawberry or whatever farms were nothing to shout about. It was rather boring in my opinion. It didn't seem fun to pluck the strawberries so I didn't do it.

There were many aboriginal people selling unusual-looking fruits and various bee products such as royal jelly and honeycomb at affordable prices. Just in case you are not Malaysian, the aboriginals have tanner skin than the average Malay people.

The view of the tea plantation was breathtaking and calming. I had Masala tea at the cafe and it was really delicious.

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My experience at Cameron Highlands is what one would describe to be peaceful. I had been known as the wild and crazy person from among my friends and they were all worried I wouldn't like it in this cold and peaceful place. However, upon reaching, they couldn't be anymore mistaken.

When I first stepped out of my cab, the smell of tea was all over. To make it better, the cold climate reminded me when I visited a tea garden in China. Well sufficient to say, the one in China was nowhere close to Cameron Highlands and not as peaceful.

The view was indeed majestic! You see nothing but the lush greens of the tea leaves and the like I mentioned before, there was something about the smell that would make you feel very relaxed, just like a day in the spa! We were also lucky enough to stumble upon the the world's biggest flower, the Rafflesia right here in Cameron Highlands, but be warned, that flower has a putrid smell. Perhaps that was how we found the Rafflesia. All in all, it was a pretty magnificent journey!

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Green scenery
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Super Cold!

Whenever I step into Cameron Highlands, the first thing I target is a particular food. Food and not fruit so strawberry is not the thing I'm talking about. I am talking about scones. Scones with cream, butter and strawberry jam just tastes so perfect in cold weathers. To get scones this good elsewhere, you're going to have to travel to England.

If you're used to travelling around Malaysia, you'd be kind of surprised as to the fact that the hotels here do not have fans. It took me about a few minutes to realize that they don't need it as Cameron Highlands is already super-cold. Even if you're not into strawberry picking or scones or walking around for some shopping, just being in Cameron Highlands is already enough to make you feel relaxed. Enjoy the cold weather that you cannot find anywhere else in Malaysia.

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Cold Weather
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Soar high along with nature... :)

Cameron Highlands is another one of Malaysia's mountaintop tourist destinations. A productive village in terms of agriculture, it is a good place to visit for young and old alike. There are lots of organized activities too. Hotels are keen to giving their guests a natural touch of the place.

The most popular food in this place is steamboat because it is always cold and breezy. Locals lure tourists to try this delicious and healthy dish.

Cameron Highlands is known for its agriculture. They grow various agricultural crops like vegetables, fruits, flowers and tea.

We have been to Boh Tea Plantation and it was a unique experience. There is a shop at the topmost portion of the plantation that gives the visitors the best view. The shop sells light to heavy snacks and native tea processed from the plantation itself. Tourists get the chance to witness the processing of the tea from scratch. The boastful plantation was a good backdrop for photo taking too. It was a sight to behold.

Other interesting activities like strawberry picking, jungle trail and flower farm tour are equally awesome. Lavish on the sweet strawberries and various types of fruits and enjoy the blooming flowers in different shades.

This is the perfect place for nature lovers. With its cold air throughout the day and earth’s natural beauty all over the place, this surely is the place where one can feel closest to nature.

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Nature at its best

Strawberries, roses and tea plantation are what I loved most about Cameron Highlands. Apparently, these are the main attraction that keep people coming, apart from its cool temperature, obviously. However, I noticed that it wasn't as cold as it used to be, mainly because of the major development all around this hill that contributes to the slightly warm temperature. But that won't dampened my mood to keep visiting this place.

There are a few nature activities that you can do here. You can go strawberry picking, grab some cactus, sip your fresh hot tea at the Boh plantation or even enjoy the famous Lata Iskandar waterfall on your way up the hill. It's surely cold and refreshing!

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Feel the heat

I have visited Cameron Highlands only twice in my life and over the span of about 10 years in between each trip. I will be talking about my most recent one as my memory is clearer compared to my trip when I was but a wee little boy.

Driving up there proved to be less of a hassle than I thought as the roads , though windy, is wide enough for cars to pass each other without fear of dropping over the edge and plummeting into the ravine below. The roads were well maintained and did not have any potholes.

One thing I noticed was that the air was no longer as cooling as it was 10 years ago but that's fine because you don't really remember about it once you begin to enjoy yourself at the many attractions. I went to the Strawberry Farm to take a tour and to taste some of those delicious strawberries. Basically the price was right for the quality of the fruit.

Next I went to the local pasar malam nearby for some local food tasting and found myself plenty of new things to try. There are places you could go to sit and have an absolutely breath taking view of the scenery. Everything tastes better when you're facing such natural beauty.

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Scenery,fresh air
Cameron Highlands
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Great place for a relax vacation

This is my favourite place for a budget vacation with family or friends. Cameron Highlands is suitable more to relax-and-enjoy-the-natural-view kind of vacation. I love the pasar malam. Although it was crowded, it was the perfect place for me and my family to find great varieties of local food at cheap prices. The local shop offers wide variety of souvenirs. I usually buy souvenirs there rather than at the strawberry park or any main attraction due to its significant cheaper price. I went there several times and I did notice the temperature difference. When I first went there back in 1990s, it was kind of cold although it’s in the mid day. Nowadays, the temperature there is getting hotter thus it kind of ruined my expectation during my last vacation there.

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