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Listing created by PolarBear on September 03, 2013    

The sixth and current Prime Minister of Malaysia since 2009.


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Polar Tsunami

He seems cunningly smart. Before the election, he gave BR1M vouchers to encourage people to vote for Barisan Nasional which unfortunately seems successful as many people fell into his trap, especially the poor people. No doubt, it had lessen my burden as a student but it's like taking our money and giving part of it back. People who are extremely happy with it are ignorant of the long-term consequences.

As a gift for Merdeka, the petrol price increases by 20 cents per liter. Many fear that other goods may increase in prices after this because in the past, after petrol price increased, many other goods increased in prices too.

Malaysians are worried because our ringgit value keeps diminishing and that we are uncertain if the workforce would be able to claim their EPF during retirement age as the country is heavily indebted.

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