Haze 2013

Haze 2013

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Aiman Maulana
Listing created by Aiman Maulana on August 15, 2013    

Dubbed as 'Malaysia's Worst Haze in 16 Years', the toxic air from Indonesia's open burning of lands managed to reach Malaysia with API (Air Pollutant Index) reaching as high as 746 in Johor.

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Being a geek helps

This haze incident only affected me for 2 days mainly because I am an anti-social computer geek who stays at home most of the time (yay?). Anyway, on the days that I was affected because I went out, I sneezed quite a lot of times because my nose is very sensitive and I have an allergy to dust.

And the most irritating of all? The stupid comments by certain parties in Indonesia, claiming that we shouldn't complain because they have been giving us fresh air for years. I heard that some websites were hacked by Indonesian hackers too because they were angry that people from other countries were complaining. This shows that they do not have any remorse or shame for the trouble they have caused to others.

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Wasn't so bad for me

One day, I woke up to unclear sights outside windows. My mind wondered "Where did all the buildings go?" while still being half-asleep. I thought I had been transported to England where the weather is cold and filled with fog. Of course, that wasn't the case at the time. The haze from the open burning of forests in Indonesia has reached Malaysia. I couldn't quite get the burning smell until I stepped outside the house.

Honestly saying, it wasn't too bad for me. I tried to spend a lot of time indoors rather than outdoors but even when I did had to go outside, I made sure my electronic cigarette, which I dubbed as my oxygen tank, was ready to fire at anytime. And hey, I didn't fall sick throughout the whole haze ordeal. Kind of annoyed by the amount of tweets and facebook statuses of people complaining about it though.

The API was about 200 at most in Petaling Jaya and in Johor, the numbers were staggeringly high. Kind of jealous that most of the others academic institutions closed down due to haze and mine didn't (Hint: Sunway). It was still kind of interesting to go to class in the haze though. The roads were clearer than regular days (no pun intended).

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