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Listing created by PolarBear on September 03, 2013    

The duo, Alvin and Vivian are infamous for their sex videos and photos.


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Like what my review title said, I am utterly confused over this couple's motives.

I know that these guys are Malaysians but they achieved infamy in Singapore first, therefore that pre-qualifies them to me reviewing. Firstly, like what many others think, they are not the most photo or video-genic couple. As far as pornography goes, I suppose that they would most probably cater to the fetish genre. Alvin would probably think that he's a sex god but seriously, I have seen much better.

Next, point. You have the brains but you waste it on a statement-making, rebellious act but for what cause? Till today, I still have no idea why. Plus, in the end you apologised during the inquest conducted by NUS? What kind of rebel apologises?

I would suggest that if a career in pornography is what you crave, go to Japan or the US. You just might be able to make a stain on some mattress.

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(Updated: September 03, 2013)


They are an embarrassment to our country. They are not even good-looking, which makes it all the more disgusting. I've watched the videos where they interviewed others on sexual topics, and Alvin is really one creepy guy. I had goosebumps when he asked all kinds of creepy questions.

Since the society is still more biased against women, Vivian is the one who receives so much more criticisms. I think she was influenced by Alvin and she just does all sorts of things to please him. Were she with a proper guy, I doubt she would have the intention and willingness to commit such acts. It is obvious that she was still uncertain of her actions because she cried in a radio interview which was censored.

Even though I don't like this pair at all, I don't think they deserve a hefty fine and/or jail time just because they posted a photo of themselves eating bak kut teh and wishing the Muslims 'Selamat Berbuka Puasa'. It was insensitive but I think the punishments were unjust, especially since so many other people went unpunished when they committed similar acts to other religions such as racist comments by politicians, or even more severe acts such as burning churches and placing cows' heads in front of Indian temples, or even crimes such as rapes and murders.

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