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Listing created by PolarBear on August 27, 2013    

He is an actor and host of TV gameshow Roda Impian, the Malaysian version of Wheel of Fortune. He died on 25 July 2006 due to heart attack.


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Wheel of Dreams, haha!

Ahh Hani Mohsin, the guy I knew as the second host of the television game show 'Roda Impian'. He has this well-dressed and polite mannerism going around the show which I find a bit awkward at first when he replaced the previous host. But his movements and his voice projection is nothing but pure confidence. He clearly knows his stuff and what he's doing.

Though in truth, I preferred the previous host, Halim Osman, he still did a great job at being the host of the show. I didn't know he passed away already and it's a shame. Talent gone just like that. I can picture him with plenty of success in other television shows. May his soul rest in peace.

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