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Aiman Maulana
Listing created by Aiman Maulana on May 18, 2013    

Paul Tan is an automotive enthusiast who currently manages his automotive blogger website, He, along with several other people, go out and about to find out every single detail about cars and post it on the website to let their readers know about it. From news to reviews, it is a blog filled with everything automotive. 

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The Car Blogger

Paul Tan is widely known in Malaysia for his automotive blog at There were tons of criticisms, especially from the forums, directed to the automotive blog for having biased views on Proton. Though I dare not say so much due to the fact that most of the articles on the blog itself are written by other writers like Anthony Lim and Hafriz Shah and not by Paul Tan himself.

Either way, biased or not, I actually do enjoy reading the articles on his blog. Some of the news on the automotive industry and updates from the government in regards to the automotive industry can be found here pretty fast. And each written review is quite in-depth which is something I'd like to see before I think of buying a certain car.

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