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Aiman Maulana
Listing created by Aiman Maulana on February 28, 2013    

Jin Lim, better known as Jin from Hitz.FM, is a radio announcer for Hitz.FM that is widely known for his stint with Ryan Matjeraie for Hitz Live! as well as the new Hitz.FM morning crew. A self-proclaimed technological geek, he loves the Google Nexus and he enjoys working with crowds as well as meeting new people.

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A Real Friendly Guy

Jin Lim is one of the three famous people I met while on tour for Hitz Live! My foundation classmate got free passes for the tour but she two problems. The first is that she doesn't have transport and the other being that she doesn't know the way. I have a car and I also have a knack for directions so she offered to go with her. Of course I didn't turn her down. So we headed to the Astro Broadcast Centre in Bukit Jalil.

When we head in, we, along with several other pairs, got a warm welcome from Jin, Ryan and Skeletor. We chit-chatted for awhile and watched how they do their work for Hitz Live. I even got a chance to speak on air which was really awesome. Jin is a really friendly guy but I can't help but feel that he's trying to pull a prank one way or another when I met him. Although I prefer JJ Fernandez over him, he's a great announcer in his own way and still quite entertaining.

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