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Listing created by Kooooon on October 22, 2012    

Amber Chia, an internationally renowned model, was born in Ipoh, Perak on 14 December 1981. Chia began her modeling career at the age of 17 in Kuala Lumpur and has begun to expand herself internationally since winning the Guess International Watches Model Search in 2004. Chia is known for her pouty lips and disarming smile.


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Lovely Lady

Ahh, Amber Chia. A picture of sparkling beauty and elegance. She pretty much set a standard for models in Malaysia to follow. In fact, her style is being copied, or if you want to be put it politely, inspired for others to go for. Not just models, but even the wannabes (yes, I know everyone knows someone who pretends to be one) are using her distinct style in photographs.

I was actually surprised to found out that she was in Playboy, albeit the Indonesian version but sadly enough it was non-nude...okay, that made me sound perverted but I'm pretty sure that I'm the only feeling like this. I actually bumped into her in Penang when she had organized some kind of show there. I was actually surprised that she was really friendly.

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Mother of two years old boy

I saw this pretty lady once in Sungei Wang Plaza back in 2005. She is really outstanding among the crowds. She stood tall among her fans that are getting autographs from her. I can see clearly her face even from far; I really hope she wear high heels to get that tall else she would be really tall when she wear heels! When I go nearer to her, she is very nice and we did have a small conversation before we take a photo. She has great body, slim and she has healthy skin as well. She is now mother of 2 years old boy.

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