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#T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery, No. 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100
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Established in the year 1990, Jogoya is the largest buffet restaurant in Malaysia. With a total of 8 kitchens, Jogoya is serving up to 400 types of dishes of Japanese, Western, Chinese, Dim Sum, Thai, and Pan Asian cuisines everyday, including Teppanyaki, Deep Fried Kitchen, Barbeque, Pastry, The Bar and also the Ice-cream sections.

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Came here for sushi.

I came to Jogoya a few months back to celebrate a friend's birthday. My main reason for coming to Jogoya for the buffet was the sushi as it is not often you get a chance to munch on sushi without worrying about the costs piling up. It wasn't as fresh as Shogun's sushi but it was on par with them in terms of taste.

But the one thing that made me feel happy that day was the Haagen Dazs ice cream. For a person who rarely gets to eat Haagen Dazs and enjoys them, you would probably eat a lot of it when you're here. I did that and enjoyed myself with a lot of ice cream. My stomach probably had more ice cream than sushi by the time I went home.

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Overrated buffet with good ice-cream

Just went Jogoya last week to have a pre new year dinner with my girlfriend. Went there a couple of times a few years back and I thought the food there is quite tasty and also comes with a hell lots of varieties. This time around, I found it rather disappointing. RM88++ for a buffet is quite reasonable but the quality of the food there has seriously dropped massively. The sushi served there is not attractive enough for a Japanese buffet at their standard; the seafood there is not fresh enough and the western cuisine is really below par.

The only attractive side of Jogoya is that, they serve good ice-cream like Haagen-Dazs and New Zealand Natural. Not to forget their coconut juice is quite refreshing and sweet as well. Overall, Jogoya can be labeled as something with quantity, but not quality.

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Great ambience.....great ice-cream

Located at a posh shopping centre, Starhill, Jogoya is a great place to visit for Japanese buffet. Apart from Japanese food, they also serve Western and other Asian cuisine. Their normal pricing are RM 78 ++ (Lunch & Supper) and RM 88 ++ (Dinner) per person which I find to be very expensive. But occasionally they will have a promotion of “ Buy 1 Free 1 “ ( second person still subjected to taxes) and going during this promotion is more worthy to enjoy the ambience and wide variety of food, drinks and desserts. However, the downside of this promotion would be that one is limited to only 2 hours of dining.

They serve Haagen-dazs and New Zealand Natural ice-cream so you can eat to your heart’s content. My friends usually whack their large oysters with lemon juice and tabasco sauce while I am content by just downing one oyster as I am not a huge fan of raw oysters. Remember to drop by their website and check on their current promotions often.

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(Updated: November 03, 2012)

It's Jogoya..

It is quite funny how usually my friends would tease each other to treat Jogoya. In our mindset, Jogoya is a high end buffet restaurant that is expensive. I was lucky enough to have VIP membership when i first got there since one of my friend is a member. I get to enjoy the VIP dishes but not a lot though since we're still limited to a number of dishes that we can choose.

I have to admit, the atmosphere is really nice and there's all kinds of cuisines to choose from. However, we're only limited to 2 hours of dining sessions. The time i was there, it was a peak session and we had to do bookings (i went during the 'buy 1 free 1' promotion). The place was crowded as well and the food tasted ordinary which was a disappointment. The only thing that i enjoyed there was the ice cream. There's Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Ice-cream

Normally, the price for 1 person to dine in is RM98 nett++ which i personally think is not worthy at all. For a high end buffet restaurant like Jogoya, they do promotions really frequently. A word of advise, do wait for the 'Buy 1 free 1' promotion before going there if you just wanted to have a try.

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Apart from the ice cream, nothing special

I just had the lunch buffet at this Jogoya KL and I had a high expectation since everyone talk about it. However, it did not live up to my expectation. First of all, the sushi and sashimi was not fresh enough. Other than that, it was not that tasty except those grilled fishes and soups. Most of the expensive foods need VIP membership to enjoy them. I found it not fair at all as I have paid to enter this premise to have all the food that I can but I was served with this restriction. Even a normal lamb shank needs this privilege in order to enjoy it. So, I would not recommend trying it.

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Buffet with haagen dazs!

I just love it's haagen dazs ice cream! Jogoya is a high end buffet restaurant, and it offer various type of food ranging from sushi, dim sum, malaysian food and many more! It has lots of cakes and dessert too! You can take anything you want. One of the most special thing in Jogoya is it has FREE haagen dazs ice cream, and you can take as many scoop you want! The price is quite high but it's worth if you have a big stomache. =D You should have check out it's website all the time as it will have promotion and discounts!

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