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National Museum Jabatan Muzium Malaysia, Jalan Damansara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50566
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 13, 2012    

Malaysia's biggest museum. It is filled to the brim with artifacts which would have been long forgotten otherwise. 

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Culture & Ideas

The National Museum a great place to visit if you would like to absorb the culture and history of Malaysia. If you are on a research project of local history, this is the perfect place to go to gain some information. That's what I did for my Culture & Ideas foundation project in 2011. With various artefacts and important documents on display, I never thought I'd actually get to see them in person.

We were told about the ancient warriors of the past, how they sought freedom as well as the weapons being used by them. The keris actually reminded me of a katana at one point, except shorter. It definitely seemed sharp enough to stab people with ease. A great educational spot for locals and tourists alike.

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A treasure trove of history

I had a hard time navigating the entrance as the museum was under construction. Groups or families with small children should take care of debris, dust and smoke.

Once I made through the initial hurdle, I saw plenty of artifacts hanging on walls and encased in huge glass cylinders. Each of them were well preserved and in fact some of the century old Keris were still shining brightly under the light as though they were just forged yesterday! I enjoyed the fact that beside or under each artifact,picture or document, there were sufficient explanation about the item. They were written in English and Bahasa Melayu so visitors will not have a problem reading unless you don't speak either language.

Overall, I had a fun time learning all about Malaysian history, culture and of it''s past rulers.

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