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Penang Butterfly Farm No. 830, Jalan Teluk Bahang,
Penang, Malaysia 11050
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The Penang Butterfly Farm was founded in 1986 and is set up as a 'live museum' to educate the public regarding the nature of butterflies and insects. The farm also plays a role as a consultancy firm for other companies who are interested in  starting their own butterfly and insect houses.

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A Great Edu-venture

The Penang Butterfly Farm is probably one of the most comprehensive tours you can find in Malaysia. I came here with my cousins while I tagged along on their holiday in Penang. It gives you this calm nature atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed or if you're not so interested in butterflies, it'll make you want to fall asleep.

Anyway, you'll get a good view of various butterflies in different sizes and colours that is sure to give a good photo opportunity. The tour guide seems to be very enthusiastic in his explanations and seems to know his stuff well. A great tour and a great place for some edu-venture.

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Bug fears be gone

Not many people I know in life are able to stand within 50 meters of an insect, much less pick one up and placing it on one's body. Me and a group of friends decided to scare ourselves silly by paying a visit to the institution.

The "aviaries" for butterflies were very well kept clean and it was impressive to see how they had videos and photos of butterflies in every stage of their lives. Everything from pupa to adult, is thoroughly analyzed and presented in interesting ways such as via an educational program on the tv which makes learning about these wonderful insects more fun .

The tour guide was also friendly and very keen at sharing all that he knows to the group. I'm starting to think his bedroom would be full of posters of insects.Lastly,I wouldn't say that after paying a visit to the farm, you would be totally fearless against bugs but it certainly does help ease the fear when you are more educated and knowledgeable about them.

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