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Listing created by jaymeH on January 01, 2013    

A fornightly entertainment magazine that reports about international news and gossips. With its compact size it costs RM5.00 per magazine. 

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The Inside Scoop...No, Not Ice Cream.

While working in Karangkraf, a publishing company, I came across a high number of customers purchasing this magazine. It didn't look fancy but it got me curious. I thought the cheap price of RM5 couldn't have been the only reason. So after my shift was over, I took a copy of an issue of Galaxie Magazine and read it. Then I knew why.

It covered hot topics and gossips revolving the life of celebrities. Who wouldn't like that? You get to see who Taylor Swift is dating now, maybe new couples surfacing as well as break-ups and the like. Malaysians love to know about gossips that are happening everywhere. I myself love gossips but mostly about people I know. Either way, a decent magazine for something so cheap.

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Worldwide Gossips

I have been subscribing this magazine loyally since 2006 back when it was bigger and did not have a stapled centre. At that time, you could just pull out the posters and stick them on your wall. The international artists back then was worth buying this magazine.

Galaxie magazine is known for supplying all the latest gossips and the news covered are not only focused locally but also from Hollywood to Bollywood. It also includes posters, lyrics to current songs on the radio. There are also interviews with famous artists about their upcoming projects or movies/albums.

However, I find that after so many re-designs and compacting the size it's hard to just read 2-3 pages in the magazines. International actors/actresses featured in the magazine are mainly focused on teens and pop artists. Most of the pages are filled with pictures and the artists featured are all repetition from past issues.

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