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Made popular by Kunio-Ichinose-san, the concept of giving diner total control over his meal by serving the meal in its most natural raw state and allowing the diner to sizzle his meal the way he wants it took Japan by storm when it was first launched in 1994.

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You can have it for dinner too!

I can usually smell Pepper Lunch around before I see it. The inviting fragrance coming from the sizzling hotplates is just irresistible. The meals are served up really quickly and consistently at all their outlets too.

Pepper Lunch’s student sets always makes me sad that I’m not a student anymore. Salmon Pepper Rice is an all time favourite, but the Steak and Teriyaki Chicken Chops are great value too. It is not advertised on the menu, but they all come with a free bowl of rice.

When opting for their set meals, always go for their ice cream. Pepper Lunch serves up some delicious soft serve.

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Be a chef for your own lunch

Whenever I crave for beef but can’t afford steak, a.k.a all the time, I’d drop by Pepper Lunch for my trusty Beef Pepper Rice.

Apart from 18 Chefs, Pepper Lunch is one of the most affordable, and delicious, lunch options for students, which is what makes it so popular among the youth. While it may look like the serving of beef given is tiny, I find that the amount is just right for the amount of rice they give. I usually drizzle an ample amount of Honey Brown Sauce over my rice, to make it as flavourful as possible.

If my friends had relented, I would have had Pepper Lunch every day of my Woodlands Library studying life during A Levels. Like a Korean BBQ place, you will smell like barbecue for the rest of the day, but I assure you, it’s worth it.

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Chance encounter

My favourite type of hot plate will always be anything with beef. I love the taste of juicy, delectable meat in my mouth together with the warm aroma of the sizzling meat on the hot plate. That is just pure heaven on earth.

I first tried Pepper lunch as a sad alternative in town - there had been no other food places nearby the vicinity of Shaw and my friend decided to just dine at the old Pepper Lunch Restaurant in the basement. The hot plates were served to us with cute little paper hats with warnings of the hot plate. I still remember picking them off and playing with them after. However, while I had low expectations from a hot plate fast food joint - or rather I had thought it resembled a fast food joint - I was pleasantly made to retract my judgement with the barbequed sweetness in my mouth. The beef on a hot plate was better than the right choice - it was going to be my choice from now on. The corn at the side was also sizzling and upon tasting, it was sweet and smoky - unique in its own way.

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Unique and affordable Japanese grill

Pepper lunch makes great food that served fresh on a grill. Most people enjoy the satisfaction you get from being able to mix in your own amount of sauce and in a way "customizing" you own dish, and I'm no exception.

I've been eating at pepper lunch for a long time now, and I honestly love it, it tastes great and different from anything else. However, I think the portions are too big and I can't finish it. It's either that or perhaps I just get bored of eating it after a while. I've never successfully finished a plate so I wish they'd allow us to have smaller portions of rice because it's such a waste, and you can't even bring it home or it'd just taste awful.

The prices are very reasonable, $8 for a set meal with a side and drink, If say it's well worth it. Their miso soup is also the closest to authentic that I've tried in Singapore

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Pricey Gimmick

People who are familiar with Japanese cuisine, specifically yakisoba, will know that one gets the choice to make one's own meal which can seem a bit funny considering the amount of money you would have to pay to cook your own food. that being said, this place has some great tasting delicacies and going through the process of cooking your own food can be a unique experience but I feel that it is a very pricey gimmick to frequent often.

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Pay to Make your own food!
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Didn't even know such a place existed until last month.

As a student of Sunway University, it is quite normal to find yourself walking around Sunway Pyramid up to the point where you can brag to others that you know every single shop in there at the tip of your fingers. That's what I felt until my classmate showed me Pepper Lunch. I'm not sure whether I was totally unaware of the shop or that I initially thought it was some teppanyaki shop but either way, I decided to try the place out.

Now me being a cheese fan, my friend suggested me to try the Curry Beef Pepper Rice. It was a bit spicy but nothing too brutal like the hot sauce in Nando's. The cheese wasn't so...tasty. It wasn't bad either but I suppose you can say that it is more of an attraction than a necessary ingredient.

Will definitely return to this place to try out other food

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Sunway Pyramid
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DIY concept restaurant

I was all excited coming here for a meal because once you order your meal, then you can start adding and 'cooking' the meal itself on your own. Kids will have so much fun in this restaurant as they can join in the fun.

The portion is kinda small actually to compare to its price. The choice of food displayed on the menu aren't that much but initially, you'll find something in a way.

The only thing that I like about this restaurant is the DIY concept. Other than that, they're kind of a letdown. They're not heavenly and super delicious, but it's just enough to fill your empty stomach.

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Fun with your food!

Its just rice and meat, but there’s something about Pepper Lunch that keeps me going back for more. More than just tasting good, I like how Pepper Lunch gives you a lot of interaction with your food.

I’m always anxious with my meat and will make sure to put them on my rice to prevent them from over-cooking. With the rice however, I like to leave them on the pan without mixing it for a while as I like to have slightly burnt rice to give the whole meal a crunch. What I love about the place is their sauces as well and I always drown my rice in their sauce. What I wish they changed would be their portions. I always find myself taking my time to eat, as I have a fear of not being full should I finish the meal too quickly.

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Love the honey brown sauce

I love doing the 'cooking' in Pepper Lunch. This is such a great concept that has managed to successfully attract people to the restaurant. Not to mention that it's great for mothers who have no time to cook. Maybe coming here can ease their guilt.

Anyway, my favourite order is the Curry Beef Pepper Rice. The cheese on top can't really be tasted but honestly, I don't really care. That's because I come here for the honey brown sauce and the garlic sauce. Sometimes I put too much of those till my rice becomes too salty. They have some soft serve ice cream as well but I wouldn't recommend getting the caramel one because it's too sweet.

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