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Listing created by whitebread on January 15, 2013    

Pasta Zanmai an inspiration from the immense diversity of delicate and healthy Japanese food and the love for pasta. The pastas here are creations from fresh & natural raw materials prepared to perfection with original recipes to deliver unique and delectable Japanese pasta.

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List of Outlets:
Sunway Pyramid (03-7492 0710)
Mid Valley (03-2283 2160)
1 Utama (03-7728 1210)
Hartamas Shopping Centre (03-6201 1610)
Empire Shopping Gallery (03-5637 1910)
Tropicana City Mall (03-7727 1020)
Paradigm Mall (03-7492 1013)

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Beware of the crowds

Anyone who has ever tried or heard of the brand Zanmai, from their famous sushi outlets, will know that they opened another chain with Pasta in its name. I had long wanted to walk in and try the food just to see how good it tastes. after being lucky enough to find myself in a queue that was rapidly moving, I managed to get a good seat. One thing I like about this place is that everything appears to be in order from the moment you sit down. Your sauces and plates and chopsticks are all there for you.

My friends and I chose many different dishes and I must warn you that these are not your average seafood dishes. They are created with a Japanese twist so expect to experience a new flavor when you dine here. Definitely recommended for people hwo love food and constantly looking for new tasty dishes.

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Expect the unexpected
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Not my cup of tea

Much like Papa John's, Pasta Zanmai was one of those restaurant that I walked pass by often but never tried. Except in this case, I was really not sure whether I should try it or not. After my curiosity grew exorbitantly, I decided to just go for it and not look back.

At first glance, the words on the menu were something I couldn't understand, until I realized the english name for the food was the one with smallest font. I ordered the Hot Pot Seafood Pasta with Crabmeat at about RM25. It definitely tasted weird. I like seafood but this really makes me want to pull the plug off seafood permanently. It just tasted too fishy. It's not tasteless, just too fishy.

If anything, the mayonnaise saved the dish as I was able to finish it off thanks to that. It was then that I was pretty sure I won't be eating there anymore.

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Sunway Pyramid
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Not my type

This restaurant is located at the back of a Japanese grocery shop and at first glace, I never knew that an eatery even exists here. I was here following a bunch of friends over lunch. They are raving on the food so I might as well join in the fun and had a great time salivating over their food.

I ordered their chicken pasta as I was clueless because honestly, the menu is not inviting at all. My food arrived sometime later, and though it's nice but personally, not good enough for my liking. The cream that complements the pasta was a bit salty and runny. For me, it was just a decent lunch.

I wish I can enjoy this place as much as my friends do and give a never ending raves about it but it's just not my type and there are other restaurants that served better Japanese meal all over the place.

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