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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59200
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Sushi King first opened its door in 1995 in Kuala Lumpur and has now grown to encompass over 70 outlets nationwide, distinguishing as the largest sushi chain restaurants in Malaysia. A wide variety of sushi is offered along with an expansive menu of other Japanese food at affordable prices.

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Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
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List of Outlets:
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Alamanda Putrajaya
AEON Mahkota Cheras
AEON Taman Equine
AEON Rawang
Ampang Point
Ampang Utara 2
Berjaya Times Square
Centro Klang
Cheras Leisure Mall
First Subang
Giant Kelana Jaya
Ikano Power Centre
IOI Mall
Jaya One
Jusco Kepong
KL Festival Mall
Low Yat Plaza
Metro Point Kajang
Selayang Mall
Setia City Mall
South Gate
Subang Parada
Summit USJ
Sunway Pyramid
Suria KLCC
Tesco Kepong
Tesco Klang
Tesco Puchong
Tesco Setia Alam
The Mines

AEON Malacca
Jusco Malacca
Mahkota Parade

AEON Bukit Indah
AEON Tebrau City
Batu Pahat Mall
City Square
Kluang Mall
KSL City
Permas Jaya
Plaza Pelangi
Taman Universiti Shopping Centre
Wetex Parade

Kulim Landmark Central

9 Avenue, Nilai
Jusco Seremban 2

East Coast Mall
Mentakab Star Mall

AEON Ipoh Station 18
Ipoh Parade
Kinta City Shopping Centre
Taiping Sentral
Tesco Kampar
Tesco Manjung
Rapid Mall, Teluk Intan

1st Avenue
Auto City

Gurney Plaza
Prangin Mall
Queensbay Mall
Sunway Carnival Mall

Bintang Plaza
Boulevard Shopping Mall
Park City Shopping Mall
The Hills Shopping Mall
The Spring

1 Borneo Hypermall
Centre Point Sabah
City Mall

(*** Please visit for the exact address and business hour for each of the branches listed above.)


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(Updated: July 10, 2013)


The sushi here is quite average, only slightly better than the ones at Jusco. Aside from the sushi, I really do not recommend the other food in the menu. I have tried so many of them and always have a hard time finishing my food. Thus, only come here for the sushi and green tea.

Price-wise, it is affordable so do not compare the taste of the sushi here with more expensive places like Sakae Sushi and Zen. There are not many types of sushi at Sushi King so I always stop eating after 3-4 plates.

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Not so fresh sushi

I went to the Sushi King branch at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu. I was initially pleased with the atmosphere and the greetings the servants gave as you stepped inside the restaurants.

The sushi belt was the main attraction of the place. There's sushi all over as far as the eye can see and after being seated, I did not hesitate to gluttonously took 2 or 3 sushi platter for myself. However, I was very disappointed with the sushi that they serve here. The raw fish used was not that fresh compared to another Japanese restaurant, Hanna that I frequent on my trip to Kota Kinabalu. It's not that the fish is rotten. No, it's just that I might be placing a higher expectation from such a well known joint.

Despite of this, I was still being optimistic and ordered a set of unagi don(eel set meal) from the ala carte menu. And I was totally enlightened. At least they have something to make up for the unfresh sushi.
Drinks wise, I won't comment much as I only order the Japanese tea. Such a fine compliment to my the Unagi that just eaten.

All in all, this place would be great for a small friends and family gathering. But I wouldn't recommend it if you have access to other sushi joints in the area.

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Branch Location:
City Mall, Kota Kinabalu
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The temptation!

Sushi King is a sushi joint that I am very familiar with as there are plenty of outlets around in Selangor area. I've been to 3 outlets myself which are in Jaya One, Giant Hypermarket Kelana Jaya and Sunway Pyramid. I've always liked coming here with friends as I get to indulge myself in sushi, lots and lots of sushi. In particular, their salmon sushi and that fish egg sushi which I think it was called ebiko.

But it's not just the sushi that I am after. One of my favourite dish in this place is the Spicy Nabeyaki Udon. It is so tasty and yet not too spicy. It was the kind of taste that you wouldn't get bored of even if you had to eat it often as the delicate flavour dances within my mouth. The workers are generally friendly which is a plus.

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Lost its charm

In the early days when sushi was introduced in Malaysia, Sushi King was one of the pioneer in Japanese fast food. The sushi was a huge hit for locals because after all, this is the only place where we can find decent and proper sushi restaurant.

Nowadays, many sushi restaurants are blooming all over Klang Valley with huge names, Sushi King has kinda lost its charm to its big competitors. Saying this, the food served was lack of quality. Having the chance to taste other sushi from other brands, I can say the sushi here is rather plain and bland.

I guess Sushi King needs a major improvement in terms of menu to attract more customers to their outlets and to compete with its competitors alike.

I missed the buzz and hype in Sushi King from the good old days whenever I come here to dine.

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Not the King of Sushis.

The atmosphere is more brightly lit compared to in Sakae Sushi, so I generally preferred this place over Sakae's. However, I did not like their sushi as much as in Sakae's. The sushi is smaller in comparison, and it didn't taste as good. What made me even more disappointed was their Katsu chicken curry. I dont know who's bright idea was it to put small pieces of their chicken in satay sticks, but it was a bad idea, as it takes alot of force to pull it out from the sticks. The food tastes average, and the service is overall good.

I don't think I'll come back again for this restaurant however. I was far too saddened by what they have done to their franchise.

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(Updated: December 02, 2012)

Used to have great chicken Katsu Curry rice set

I was treated to an epic meal of sushi at sushi king on my birthday and I immediately got hooked on to the franchise. Everything tasted great and the more times I went, the more developed my tastebuds got so I ended up knowing how to select what sort of sushi to eat. I learned to like the seaweed and wasabi too. I ordered one of my favorite dishes, the Chicken Katsu curry rice set which tasted absolutely incredible and so tasty.

The dish was served in a leaf shaped bowl which was wide and deep and fille to the brim in delicious Japanese curry. On top of the curry were two beautifully deep fried to a golden crisp chicken patties. Tasted so good and would always whet my appetite every time.

After visiting bigger franchises like Sakae Sushi and Sushi Zento, I realized that Sushi King's sushi aren't really on the same standard of quality but the curry rice set kept me going back there. Until one day they decided to remove the set out of the menu altogether and with it, went my reason for going there. It was a short and sweet experience but I have moved on from eating there anymore.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
Unagi and Inari
Branch Location:
Prangin Mall
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RM2 Bonanza is great deal but...

I will visit to Sushi King when there is RM2 Bonanza offer. It is rather a good deal in terms of pricing but not for its taste and quality. Compared with Ala-carte menu order, it really taste different. Maybe those promotional item they just simply prepare whilst those dishes on menu they prepare in a more "professional" way.

In fact, I wish to advise consumer to be cautious when picking up the dishes serve on the conveyor belt as it not only present the promotional items. It also includes some dishes in original price, hence, do not be too excited when you are picking up the dishes, check properly or otherwise, your bills might not be as "economical" as expected!

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"Great set menus, not-so-great sushi"

Normally I go to Sushi King for their set menus, not really for their sushi. Some of their sushi is nice, but I do not opt for the salmon unless they look fresh. Recently I went for the RM2 Bonanza and got the chance to try other types of sushi. The meal preparation time is quite long considering there was not much customers when I went there in Station 18. The food tasted delicious, satisfying, worth the money value. When a friend of mine ordered a sushi that was not on the moving-pane, it really took a long time for them to prepare it. My advice is to go for the money-worth set menu, and maybe try out several of their sushi just to fill up before they done preparing the order.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
bento set
Branch Location:
station 18
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Only went on RM2 bonanza

Well, I only go to Sushi King during RM2 bonanza promotion. The salmon are not really fresh, and it is somehow quite expensive. You have to pay for RM20++ alone for only sushi! And the sushi is not that tasty as other sushi restaurant. I would prefer to go to other sushi restaurant other than this, as the price is not worth for the food.

And you have to wait for maybe around 30mins - 1 hr for sushi during sushi bonanza, and with time limit. However, the food variety is quite limited during the promotion. You could saw same type of sushi keep on spinning on the belt. And they do not offer expensive stuffs such as unagi or scallop during the bonanza.

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Only because of the RM2 Bonanza.

I rarely go to Sushi King but I just went there yesterday with my friends because of the Sushi Bonanza where every colored plate on the sushi belt is being sold at RM2 instead of normal prices.

Their variety of sushi is quite limited, and they don’t even have any soft shell crab sushi which is my favorite which is quite disappointing indeed. And their rice balls looked like they were shaped by machines. Overall food was so-so.

During their Bonanza promotion, they have a dining time limit for their customers, which is 45 minutes. I hope they can extend it a little bit longer, even an extra 15 minutes is enough. I don’t think I’ll come back again unless they are having another Bonanza promotion in the future.

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Best Part:
RM2 Bonanza
Branch Location:
Cheras Leisure Mall
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