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Listing created by whitebread on December 25, 2012    

Hailing from Indonesia, Ayam penyet is an Indonesian term for a very special, traditional Indonesian form of fried chicken. Today, Ayam Penyet is to Indonesia and what is Nasi Lemak is to Malaysia. It now operates outlets in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, all with the same concept.

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Too good to pass by

Out of all the different kinds of protein out there, chicken meat stands at the pinnacle. That is why having passed by Ayam Penyet Ria countless times in shopping malls, I decided to walk in and try their food just recently. The first thing that hit me was the alluring aroma of the chicken as it was served to other customers. It was as though the smell was intended to make my belly growl and I wanted to eat it immediately!

When the food was served, within a relatively short amount of time, I found that the portions were good, sufficient even for a big sized guy like me to consume and the flavor was just amazing. I sometimes feel like kicking myself in the butt for missing it so many times. Don't pass this one by!

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Not bad

I had the ayam penyet set at Sunway Pyramid. The chicken tasted good and the sambal was spicy and delicious enough for me. The proportion of the meal was just nice for me too though I don't think it would be enough for an average guy.

I didn't like the tofu and tempeh though. The price is reasonable and the food is good enough for me to come here again.

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Decent Meal

The first time I ate at this place was because my sister-in-law offered to buy my whole family dinner sometime in 2007. So my family and I went to their branch at Sunway Pyramid to eat. Not only is it nothing to rave about, there's practically nothing much to talk about.

The shop looks bland and the waiters looks as tired as going through a marathon run. The chicken was good, not oily and about as much meat as a chicken in KFC. But the rice is little and the sambal can barely be called spicy which is their major weakness.

Overall, it was a real boring experience.

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Sunway Pyramid
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