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Lot P17 Plaza Ground Floor Hartamas Shopping Centre 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50480
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Ashley Chong
Listing created by Ashley Chong on February 08, 2014    

Managed by Super Dining, their only aim is none other than to provide the highest standard in Japanese fine dining. Rakuzen's extensive menu offers a wide variety of specialty dishes for you to choose from.

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11.30am - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm
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Beef Teppanyaki
Salmon to Avocado!
Yakiniku Beef (Lunch Set)
Nama Choco Ice
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Am I in Japan?!

I've never been to Japan, but if Japanese food tastes as good as Raku Zen has made it up to me then please, someone, anyone take me to Japan! One of the appetizers I always have is the avocado salmon because I can't choose ripe avocado myself or tell when the fruit is ripe even with a picture displayed on the package so this is the only way I eat it and I wouldn't have it any other way. The salmon and avocado complement each other; flavours so simple and textures so different, this dish could cool you down on a typical hot Malaysian day after spending hours stuck in a traffic jam with the creaminess of the fresh avocado and the distinct salmon taste.

The edamame beans is a similar story - fresh and not too salty, the chef has bewildered my mum by how he or she manages to keep the beans slightly crunchy with no hint of sogginess. And who could forget sashimi? The tuna and salmon sashimi is usually fresh and I say this with full honesty and no bias. Most of the time the sashimi is succulent and the torro is outlined with fats in all right places but occasionally, Raku Zen has its bad days and the fish tastes slight fishy. In this respect, I give praise to Sushi Mentai, Edo Ichi and Jyu Raku for always serving me the best sashimi and never running out of it.

The yakiniku beef would make up for any disappointment you may face though. The beef is one of the juiciest cut I have ever tasted. The beef is soaked in yakiniku and stir-fried and served alongside white rice, teppanyaki vegetables, steamed chawanmushi, a plate of fruits, a cold plate of the day and miso soup if you order the lunch set or dinner set. It's cheaper during lunch of course but no matter what time of the day, the culinary quality of its sets never fail to surprise me or disappoint me.

The chawanmushi is probably the second best part of the set. With its silkiness, this basic and take you back to your childhood, when you would just eat egg and rice. That way, the egg always had to be good and better than any other dish (I didn't eat much other than egg until I was about 9-10 years old) and this egg is by far the perfect example of that definition. The teppanyaki vegetables are not far behind with its crunchiness covered in garlic goodness. I highly recommend their teppanyaki beef and salmon too, if you ever get the chance to try it.

Last but not least though, the cold plate is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the set. It changes day-to-day and most of the time it's quite suited to the tastes of the norm, nothing quite out of the ordinary and nothing too extreme, and nothing that really stands out. It is usually a tofu, seaweed or cooked salmon dish. I'm not exactly a fan of miso soup bit I highly recommend their salmon belly soup and clam soup. They're clear with a pinch of seafood that you can enjoy if you like that kind of thing. The green tea is great too, by the way.

My mum often goes for the unagi mainly because it's becoming harder to come by nowadays and she loves it. I pinch her unagi every now and then to taste. I'm no unagi fan so don't take it seriously from me but it's quite good. The sauce is thick and sweet but not too sweet. On some days though, they like to put a little too much salt. The same could be said about their saba fish and their salmon fish head.

Last but not least, dessert! I always, always end my meal at Raku Zen with my favorite Choco Nama Ice. Although it's just green tea and chocolate ice-cream, it's really not like any other brand out there. It's not creamy or velvety like Haagen Dazs, nor is it extremely rich in flavor. My sister complained it was a little watery, and it's literally served frozen but it's not like ice-kacang. It's a very unique sorbet wrapped in fruits and tea infusion flavors. It almost tastes healthy, and that's the unusual part about it and definitely worth a try!

Some people may say that it's a but out of their budget but seriously, the food at Raku Zen is worth so much more than the Sakae Sushi outlets and Sushi Kings outlets in Malaysia - it serves real food and has excellent service.

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Yakiniku Beef, Nama Choco Ice and Chawanmushi
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Tropicana Mall
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Beef Teppanyaki
Salmon to Avocado!
Yakiniku Beef (Lunch Set)
Nama Choco Ice
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