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Abu Mamak Stall

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Dato Koyah Road
Penang, Malaysia
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Listing created by dennisdevosse on October 11, 2012    

Abu Mamak Stall is one of the good old places for supper in Penang to savour the best mamak (indian-malay) cuisine in town.

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7.30pm to 6.30am
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< $10

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Great mamak stall

Malaysia is not known to be a stranger in mamak food. Almost every corner you look, there is a stall selling the same type of food but I have to insist that somehow, this place serves some of the best tasting mamak food I have ever indulged in. If you don't consider the high prices mamak stalls normally charge, you should be more than happy dining here. Everything from their curry to their fried noodles smell and taste absolutely great. The staff are also very capable of understanding what specific orders you may want and never fail to deliver. Definitely a place that I recommend.

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Best Mamak in town

In Penang, you can find food just about in any corner of the town. This in particular, is not any food, instead Abu Mamak Stall offers one of the best mamak (indian-malay) cuisine and services in town.

People with night life often claim this spot as a popular choice to meet up for good food. Abu who is actually the boss, is recognized for his humour, friendliness, and cooking skills. This place undoubtedly serves one of the best and customized mamak cuisine in town, offering from the all famous Maggi Goreng (Fried Maggi Noodles) to Roti Hong Kong, this is one place you would yearn to try it out !

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Maggi Goreng, Roti Canai, Roti Bom
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