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54 Jalan Kerisi, Sungai Rengit, Pengerang, Johor
Johor, Malaysia 81930
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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on July 04, 2013    

Chinese seafood restaurant specialising in fresh seafood dishes . Especially lobsters, crabs and fish. Serves no pork, no lard. No halal certification.

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11:00am to 10:30pm
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  • $30-$50
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Crunchy fresh seafood

There is nothing greater than the taste of fresh seafood that was kept alive as long as possible before being sent to the kitchen to be prepared and cooked. Everything from prawns to fish to lobster, they were all very tasty and definitely worth the price tag. The main attraction would be the lobster and it is cooked in many different styles.

It is also perfectly normal for this place to be jam packed especially during the weekends so it is important that you choose the right time to go have your meals.

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Delicious fresh seafood...especially the lobsters

Certainly a favourite seafood eatery for locals and especially S'poreans. The main attraction of this non-aircon diner is their famed lobsters. You can select your lobster right from the aquarium in front of the restaurant. This is certainly the highlight of the dining experience at Jade Garden, other than the food, to see your lobster jumping as you pull it out of the tank.

Other than the lobsters which you can order cook in various ways, the chilli crabs, fish, shellfish etc are standard addition to the table. The service is brisk but otherwise, fuss free. During peak hours, it can get a little slow but that is normal everywhere. During my meal, they even deliver the someone else order to our do be careful what comes to your may end eating and paying for more than what you asked for.

There have been complaints of over charging by many who dined there...that's where the "non-transparent" nature comes just get your crab or lobster, have it served and end of the meal...the bill came as a shocker. So you might want to verify the weight of your lobster or crab with the staff prior agreeing to the order...

Other than this blip... it's a great dining experience at Jade Garden...

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The lobsters
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