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Restoran Sri Paandi

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39, Jalan 11/4 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia 46200
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Aiman Maulana
Listing created by Aiman Maulana on April 04, 2013    

Sri Paandi is a restaurant that specializes in banana leaf rice. It has a variety of choices to go with the rice from fish head curry to rasam that can be topped off with some crispy papadoms. Aside that, it has the usual Indian food such as thosai and chapati.

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8am - 11pm
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There is nothing like eating on a banana leaf

I love Indian food. Their spices and tastes make for a great deal of delicious dishes and I generally prefer eating off a traditional banana leaf than a plate. That is why I particularly like this place because they have prepared multiple giant banana leaves that you can use as a plate. Honestly I truly believe that somehow, one way or the other, food tastes much better when served on a piece of banana leaf. Perhaps its the odor of the leaf itself mingling with the food. Enhancing the overall experience.

If you have never eaten out of one before, then you should definitely try it by coming here. The food tastes amazing and don't forget to fold the banana leaf towards you when you're done as this shows you liked the food!

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Banana Leaf Goodness

Before you people get confused, I don't mean that this restaurant serves banana leaf for people to eat. The banana leaf is used as a plate for food, whether it be rice or thosai or any dish on the menu. I usually come here for brunch with my family as the items for the banana leaf rice are usually freshly cooked around that time. Freshly cooked food is always the best. No one wants their food cold right?

I usually have my rice topped with either lamb curry or chicken curry along with a side or rasam. If it's chicken curry, I don't usually take the chicken that is in the curry itself. Instead, I go for the fried chicken. With a mix of crunch and Indian spices, there's no reason not to like it. I'm not sure about the actual spelling of rasam but in case you're wondering, it is the Indian spicy soup that is usually served in a small metallic cup. It's like the Indian equivalent of Tom Yam. Combine great food with efficient service and there you have it, a great food experience.

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Banana Leaf Rice.
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