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Restoran Barra

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Jln Plumbum V7/V, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam
Selangor, Malaysia 40000
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Aiman Maulana
Listing created by Aiman Maulana on April 03, 2013    

A mamak restaurant nearby UITM Shah Alam that is infamous among the residents of Shah Alam. It gained temporary notoriety in 2013 after the waiters and customers participated in a Harlem Shake recording.

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A mamak restaurant like no other

It is no secret on people's lips that mamak stalls all sell almost the same kinds of foods and with the same exuberant prices. I normally try out restaurants that have a good reputation for its food and cleanliness. For this particular establishment however, I heard something else. I heard that this restaurant is popular for its great customer service. The reputation seems to stand when I managed to experience it first hand on my first visit. Friendly staff can make a pleasurable dining experience and that is exactly what I got here. Unfortunately, the main priority should be the food itself which is average at best.

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Prepare to be Barra-rized!

Located in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Restoran Barra was the first ever restaurant I've been to in the Shah Alam area. I've heard a lot of this place from friends, saying about how local celebrities tend to eat here and that sometimes, the restaurant has some unique things happening like a free giveaway for a customer of a certain number. So I wanted to see what all the noise was about. In terms of food, it seems like any other mamak restaurant, except cleaner.

There's nothing to rave about for their food. But the waiters are extremely friendly, I was asked if I had ordered my food and drinks about 3 times within a few minutes when I sat down. Furthermore, the food actually came pretty fast. The restaurant is usually filled with young adults due to the fact that a local university is just down the road.

To let you guys know as to how nice and spontaneous there workers are, watch this video of the Restoran Barra's version of the Harlem Shake at

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