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Restoran Tan Ki - Handmade Saito Fishball Specialist

Restoran Tan Ki - Handmade Saito Fishball Specialist Hot

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Johor, Malaysia 80150
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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on April 02, 2013    

This non-aircon eatery specializes in quality handmade Saito Fish Balls and a wide of items like yong tau foo all stuffed with saito fish meat. Also available to go with the meal are deep-fried meat based items like meat rolls (ngoh hiang), fried tofu skins, etc and vegetables. Dishes can be ordered with soup or dry option, with rice, noodles or on it own.

Payment are by cash terms. No credit cards accepted.

The eatery is located at the corner end of Taman Sentosa, within steps of the telecoms building. The opening hours are daily 730am - 9.00pm (PH included, except Chinese New Year) and dress code is casual.


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730am - 9pm daily
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Awesome and fresh !
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A great place for Yong Tau Foo

Yong tau foo is often served in different styles across Malaysia. The northern side tends to be very wet and boiled in broth whereas the southern side of the country serves this dish with dry and fried items. I prefer the latter version as I enjoy the crispy and crunchiness of the fried chili meatballs. The major attraction here is of course the hand made fish balls which are fresher than the ones you can get from the frozen section at the supermarkets. This restaurant serves ala buffet style whereby you can order and pack on as many ingredients as you wish to consume but the price per person will generally hike up as well. This is a good place to stop over if you happen to be within the vicinity.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Healthy food for healthy living !

Since a little boy, fish dishes, or anything associated with fish was never quite my cup of tea. The smell of steamed fish abhors me and while I can accept fried fish, I can never eat beyond a few chopsticks full. Of course, as an adult now , I do love the delicious pondok gurame (deep fried tilapia) available at most seafood restaurant.

So it was a pleasant surprise that I fell head over heels with the offerings from Restoran Tan Ki, a Saito (Ikan Parang) fish ball specialist eatery (non-aircon) at Taman Sentosa. The nondescript looking eatery located at the corner end of a row of shophouses among the "wedding photography shops"...promises to satisfy anyone longing for healthy fish-based fare.

The eatery tagline (in Mandarin) "Handmade Saito Fish Balls" does not quite do justice to the food available.There are plenty of yong tau foo items - bitter gourds, chilli, tofu...etc all stuffed wth quality saito fish meat. There are also a reasonable range of deep fried meat rolls, crispy crackers, etc, vegetables to go with your order. You can order rice, noodles or just have it on its own...soup or dry. The accompanying sweet or chilli sauce and chilli padi (help yourself) give the dishes a nice kick.

As Saito fish is not the usual run of the mill fish...the price of dishes per person can average Rm10-15, more if you pile on the plate. But, you will find the price justified as the delicious soup and yong tau foo items slide down your throat. Also, you will not experience the "thirsty MSG aftertaste" after the meal. And believe me, you will want to come back for more :-9"

So make a date with healthy eating and drop by this great eatery when you're around Taman Sentosa the next time.

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The Saito Yong Tau Foo
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Awesome and fresh !
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