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Lintang Mayang Pasir 1, Bayan Baru
Penang, Malaysia 11950
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Listing created by ColinNathan83 on October 12, 2012    

In a time where food prices tend to skyrocket, Nasi Kandar Zamrud still manages to keep prices affordable, unlike some of its mamak restaurant counterparts. The waiters here are friendly and efficient and you wont be left hanging trying to get their attention to order. However the ventilation can get a bit dodgy in the afternoons when its packed with ravenous people.


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Just like any other Mamak Food

I came here a few months ago while I was on a road trip with my classmates to Penang to visit one of our other classmates. While on the way to his house, we stopped by this restaurant as we remember seeing the same restaurant in the KL area but can't remember exactly where.

The food is just like any other mamak, you have your thosai, roti canai, and nasi kandar among others. A plate of rice with curry, a piece of chicken and some vegetable got me about RM5 which was okay for me because it wasn't as expensive as Kayu Nasi Kandar. Tasted better than the rice at Kayu Nasi Kandar too.

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Cheap food... or is it?

What can I say about nasi kandar? It is oily, it is delicious, it is the ultimate guilty pleasure to many Malaysians. This place is known for keeping costs lower than most other franchises like Kayu but that's only if you know what sort of ingredients to pick from.

Keeping away from prawns and squid will guarantee your food prices stay low. The service is actually quite good as the waiters are friendly and they address you as 'Mister' or the more common calling of, 'boss'. Makes me feel good that way so I'm always happy to visit this place once in awhile.

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