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Restaurant Lot 85

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Jalan Putri Hang Li Poh
Malacca, Malaysia 75400
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Listing created by arvind90 on October 05, 2012    

Restaurant Lot 85 is a shop located nearby Bukit Cina which is famous for its nasi briyani and fried chicken. It also serves a wide variety of Malay and Chinese side dishes.

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9AM - 5PM
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New to Melaka? this is a great place to start!

It is no secret among my friends that I love to eat and I would travel to all corners of the country to hunt for the best place to eat. that being said, I have always believed that at times, searching for a good place to eat in a foreign city can be daunting and restaurant Lot 85 is a great place to start if you are new to Melaka. It features a collection of some of the best tasting local dishes around, giving you the convenience of having everything in one place! Definitely a place you should try at least once or twice to get a good feel of the Malaccan food.

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(Updated: October 05, 2012)

Best nasi beriyani and fried chicken

Lot 85 is well known amongst Melakans for serving the best Malay food.

On my last visit there I had the nasi beriyani which was really fragrant and it comes with cucumber in sour sauce and dhal. The sweetness of the dhal and the sour cucumber complements the rice well and enhances your appetite.

Lot 85 is well known for its fried chicken. The chicken is delicious as it's marinated with a blend of spices and the skin is really crispy. A fresh tray of about 30 pieces of chicken would finish in less than 10 minutes during lunch hour.

The restaurant looks old and run down but don't let the looks fool you as the food is not to be missed.

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Fried Chicken and Beriyani Rice
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