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A lingerie store offering A - H cup lingerie.

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(Updated: August 25, 2013)

Good bra fitting service

Xixili provides good experience for bra fitting because they really know their stuff. It was because of Xixili’s shop assistant that I knew my correct size. Xixili provides a wide range of bra sizes compared to other bra stores in Malaysia.

Don’t be afraid if the size sounds too big (don’t be too happy about that either), because most people have misconceptions about bra sizes. Most of us thought that bra cups increase a tiny bit from A to B but increase dramatically from B to C or C to D and so on. Fact is, it only increases gradually for every increase in cup. Besides that, bands and cups are correlated in such a way that 32c has the same cup volume as 34b and so on.

I think Xixili’s designs were much better back then. Besides that, their bra bands used to be tighter. I hope that they will make tighter bra bands for petites.

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