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As a leading trend-based fashion brand, SEED represents contemporary, stylish and creative designs made for the fashion-minded.

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The clothes are more expensive than Padini's but the designs are better as Padini clothes are very basic. Even with the better designs, I don't think the price is justified especially since nice designs don't appear often.

Most of their designs are not as good if you compare with other brands, really. Examples include Cotton On or even those shops selling China goods. The only thing I am willing to buy from Seed are their T-shirts which can be affordable.

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(Updated: March 15, 2013)

Steep but justified price tag.

Back in 2011 when I was looking for something formal to cater for a prom that I was going to have in my school, I happen to stumble upon the SEED label in a Padini Authentic outlet and despite the steep price tag, I must say that I've found what I've been looking for.

I decided to get a vest, a pair of slack and also a formal shirt to complete the set. Why? Well, I personally like the design. It wasn't something extraordinary. In fact, it was just the normal horizontal stripes you might find on any typical formal wear. However, there was something elegant and classy about the design that I just can't put my finger on. Perhaps they were made with love? Jokes aside, I think that the clothes compliment each other very well and it was the simplest of design that made it looked very classy.

Till today, I've only worn this set of formal wear a total of 3 times. They might not be too pricey, but I just love them so much that I want to save these formal wears especially for special occasions.

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My first formal shirt.

As a child growing up in Malaysia, I wasn't really into the idea of wearing formal clothes. I didn't quite see the point of it. But when I got a shirt from SEED as a birthday present from my brother, I instantly fell in love with it. Who would've thought something so simple could look so nice. Soon enough, I found myself looking for SEED-brand shirts.

I usually head to Padini, AEON or Parkson to find it though as I can't seem to find its actual store. The shirts are of good quality as it managed to last me quite long. In fact, I've never thrown away a single shirt from SEED. But, it's better to buy these clothes during the sales period as the discounts are quite high and you'll be able to save a lot of money.

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Affordable apparel for the youngsters

I used to buy all my clothes from Seed because let's face it, there weren't much choice back then and the only store that brings good quality and stylish apparel at that time was Seed.

Well, that was during my teenage years and over the years, I have seen how they have improved and expanded into huge boutiques where customers have more choice in shopping. For casual wear, Seed is the perfect place for shopping as they have a wide selection of nice and stylish tops. When it comes to sale, they always have the biggest price slash ever where you can enjoy great discounts.

Although their collection is mainly casual wear, I do find their work wear appealing. For something that's reasonably priced, I can get my super nice suit in excellent cutting without spending a lot.

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