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Listing created by astronumb on February 17, 2013    

This international clothing line is famous for catering to the young, sexy, and adventurous lifestyle, with apparel and accessories that scream hot and wildly creative.

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Very expensive

The clothes are not only made in China, the style looks like China fashion as well so some of the clothes are very thin, undoubtedly. I have seen many clothes in Guess which I can easily find cheaper substitutes since the designs are typical.

The clothes are crazy expensive as well, about RM200+ even though they look like RM25-50 clothes. The bags are not pretty, but look rather plastic-ky. The clothes on the dummies look good but when you enter into the shop, you will be disappointed.

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Guess what?

When I see this brand, the first thing that came to my mind would be a plain grey color t-shirt that I had as a child that had a Guess logo written on it. I had to admit, the t-shirt was pretty comfy, however, as I grow older, I noticed that the shirt was also very dull and tasteless, despite being on the higher end of the price tag.

Nowadays, I tend to stay away from this brand as I can find more bang for my buck on some other brands such as the ones you could find in outlets like Parkson. Brands such as Jeep offer you the same comfort with a more colorful design and a cheaper price. One should also take note that the materials are of the same quality. Thus, I do not think it's worth it to spend your hard earned money on something that you could get for much less.

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Nothing Fancy.

I happen to walk into a million clothing stores in every shopping mall I go to just to see what it's like even if I can't afford it. Because who knows? I might just find something worth saving for. While I was in Amcorp Mall waiting for my date to show up, I saw the one clothing shop that caught my eyes almost instantaneously at the moment I entered the place.

Yes, it was Guess. I went in to see if there was anything interesting. I can say that the clothes being sold there are generally the simplified kind. Not much designs which I think it's because Guess wanted to play it safe. Little did they know that it also made their clothes quite bland. I could get a better t-shirt in Marks & Spencer or Padini at the same price or lower. Nothing fancy about this store.

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Overrated yet expensive

I still remember the time when Guess first opened their store in Subang Parade and how much I adore their collection because their apparel screams exclusive and luxury. Few years later where they have expanded their outlets to major malls throughout the city, I started to feel that they have lost their charm, kinda.

Their latest collection are mostly over the top and too fussy. I love how they used to produce simple, clean yet stylish designs compared to their current range. Everything spells overrated and expensive. I don't mind paying a few hundred for something that look nice on me but I was dismayed at how bad their collections are.

Honestly, their clothes look cheap and for something that comes from a well established boutique with a luxurious brand name, I hope they can produce some well designed and stylish garments.

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