Kamdar Hot

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FJA2(B) First Floor Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59100
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For generations, Kamdar has served customers looking to tailor a unique set of clothes or furnish their house with welcoming fabrics.

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School stuff

As a child in Malaysia, I'm pretty sure most of you have tagged along with your parents to buy some school clothes as well as school equipments. I remember coming to Kamdar back then for this very purpose. Anything related to school stuff, except for the shoes, is bought here at one point or another for me. Why? Well, for one thing, they have my size of pants. Another thing is that it's quite cheap here.

The last time I came here was because of my brother's wedding preparations. My mother was looking for a certain type of cloth and colour for my family's baju melayu. I remember seeing a lot of them in big rolls that I was confused. I couldn't really tell the difference by touching or even looking at it.

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Cheap textile

For some cheap textiles, I always head down here where Kamdar carries a wide range of cotton textiles for cheap and of good quality.

Back then when Raya is approaching, my whole family will come here to buy some nice and great textiles for our custom made clothes. You can find almost any type of textile here at such an affordable price. My personal favorite back then up until now will always be cotton. I was overjoyed to find that Kamdar has a great selection of cotton textile selling so cheap.

They also have their own in-house garments but truthfully, their design are plain dull, boring and should I say, outdated. They are not fashionable at all and I personally think they should just stick in selling textile because as far as I can see, they're definitely good in it.

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